Cinderella – Five years later…

It was a beautiful fairy tale day. The sun was shining just right. There was the spring crispness in the air. The trees were starting to bear fruits and there were beautiful spring flowers in the colors of a rainbow, spread across everywhere. Since this day was taking place in the magical fairy tale landContinue reading “Cinderella – Five years later…”

The dogs of Balewadi

Psst- The Street dogs of Balewadi don’t look anything like the picture above. I’m too scared to stop and take their picture most of the times. So let’s just make do with this free pexel picture for now, eh? 😏 Dogs are a man’s best friend, they say. I think dogs also learn from men,Continue reading “The dogs of Balewadi”

StoryADay May 2019 – Day 2

I’m participating in the Story A Day May 2019 challenge, and will be posting some of my attempts on my blog too. Would love to receive some feedback and what you thought 🙂 Today’s Story is called: Fly Luis! I’m so hungry. I’ve had a long day and haven’t found food yet. Well, I likeContinue reading “StoryADay May 2019 – Day 2”

WoW – Write on Wednesdays #8 – Connections

This week’s Write on Wednesday prompt was to write a story on connections. You can check out Julie’s site here, to know more. The Prompt: Write a story about connections I’m what you call a fake social person. I can talk to anyone in a crowd, but rather not. I can make friends easily, butContinue reading “WoW – Write on Wednesdays #8 – Connections”

WoW – Write on Wednesdays #7 – Childhood Trips

Julie is out with another writing prompt this week, and here is my attempt at recreating a child hood trip experience. The trip happened, and Vinitha’s thoughts are mine. But some parts have been fictionalized to make up the story. I’d love to hear some feedback or your thoughts on what you liked and didn’tContinue reading “WoW – Write on Wednesdays #7 – Childhood Trips”

WoW – Write on Wednesdays #6 – Rescue Me

Write on Wednesday’s are a regular writing prompt feature from Julie’s Writing blog. You can see more about today’s prompt – Rescue Me, here. Prompt: Write a story featuring a dog If you’re writing for publication, it’s important to be aware of lead-times, (i.e. the time between when an editor says ‘yes’ to your storyContinue reading “WoW – Write on Wednesdays #6 – Rescue Me”

Slice of Life Tuesday #2 – Being Midge Maisel for a day

Two Writing Teachers run the Slice of Life tag ever Tuesday, where readers and writers are encouraged to write and share something about their life or day. You can check out the tag here. *************************************************************** I’ve been watching and fan girling over the Marvelous Mrs Maisel series on Amazon Prime these days. Since I don’tContinue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday #2 – Being Midge Maisel for a day”

To please or not to please?

This is what happened with me yesterday, a couple of incidents that took place in the morning and led me to think and write this. Scene 1: At the 7:15 am Zumba class. It was an Indian festival and the instructor wanted to do a theme based class. She wanted to make us dance toContinue reading “To please or not to please?”