WoW – Write on Wednesdays #8 – Connections

This week’s Write on Wednesday prompt was to write a story on connections. You can check out Julie’s site here, to know more. The Prompt: Write a story about connections I’m what you call a fake social person. I can talk to anyone in a crowd, but rather not. I can make friends easily, butContinue reading “WoW – Write on Wednesdays #8 – Connections”

WoW- Write on Wednesdays #1

I’m going to try to follow Julie’s prompts for ‘Write on Wednesdays‘, from StoryADay  to try and write a short story on Wednesdays 🙂 Today’s prompt is to try and write something funny, so here is my first attempt at it. (You can check out her original post for today’s topic here :)) ********************************************************************************** TheContinue reading “WoW- Write on Wednesdays #1”