Monsoon Traveling near Pune – Panchgani and Lonavla

The rain transforms her into a bride Dressed in a sparkling green ghagra choli With the white clouds, her chunari, I say, don’t be coy, please don’t hide Let me embrace you, and make you mine.. – The hills, my monsoon bride, written by Prachi I feel grateful to be able to enjoy the rain,Continue reading “Monsoon Traveling near Pune – Panchgani and Lonavla”

Travel with toddler – A bittersweet first trip to London

I had never been to London and had always heard, read and watched about it previously. So now that I was working in Ipswich, UK, how could I resist the chance to visiting London, even if it meant for a weekend trip that would be clubbed with catching up with a dear friend and tryingContinue reading “Travel with toddler – A bittersweet first trip to London”