Traveling during Covid Times – Fratelli Vineyards and Japalouppe Equestrian Centre

STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE POTHOLES IN THE ROAD AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY.. BABS HOFFMAN 2020 had been a hard year for travellers around the world. All of us had to be cooped inside our homes to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the dreaded virus. Now we’re in 2021, and the virus isContinue reading “Traveling during Covid Times – Fratelli Vineyards and Japalouppe Equestrian Centre”

Andamans & Nicobar Islands – A hot winter, an unplanned digital detox, sunsets and redefining the color ‘ocean blue’ :)

By the end of the trip yesterday, I felt like a bag of mixed feelings. Part of me wanted to quit everything and stay in those beautiful Andaman islands, and wake up to that sea green and ocean blue water and watch the sunset every day. Part of me was glad to have 4G andContinue reading “Andamans & Nicobar Islands – A hot winter, an unplanned digital detox, sunsets and redefining the color ‘ocean blue’ :)”

Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – Aug 2019

August was all about reading some great books and spending a lot of quality time with friends. After all, it is the month when we celebrate Friendship day ­čśë Trips I made in August: We had a few trips to enjoy the monsoons with family and friends. The first one was to Bhandardara and youContinue reading “Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – Aug 2019”

Playing with the rains at Bhandardara

We took an extra day off on Friday, and planned a weekend getaway to Bhandardara, which is a hill station in the Sahyadri mountain ranges, around 200 kms from Pune. It was a much awaited trip, since we hadn’t been there before and this would’ve been our usual monsoon trip, just that a first withContinue reading “Playing with the rains at Bhandardara”

Surviving (not) the longest flight journey

We said goodbye to England last Saturday and boarded our flight to India. England treated us well, but it was time for a new adventure in my home country now. Had to spend Diwali in Delhi too- aah the joys of being home, the yummy food and the awful haze. But I digress. This postContinue reading “Surviving (not) the longest flight journey”

A day trip to Stonehenge & Bath

My cousin brother and his wife are here from India to travel to some new places. They plan to visit a few places in UK and cover some places in Scotland and Ireland, while they’re here. So we decided to sightsee with them,┬áto some of the touristy places┬áthat we ourselves hadn’t been to! The lastContinue reading “A day trip to Stonehenge & Bath”

Norfolk broads- a Sunday afternoon well spent

I didn’t even know there were so many beautiful places around Ipswich to explore! A colleague had suggested Norfolk broads, which is 1.5 hours away by road from Ipswich. So we clubbed in with another couple friend who have a daughter of around the same age as ours and planned to spend Sunday at NorfolkContinue reading “Norfolk broads- a Sunday afternoon well spent”

Traveling with toddler- day trip to Bury St Edmunds

We live in Ipswich, UK. Our 17 month old is growing up and figures she doesn’t like being in the car seat for too long. We like to see new places and travel. Parents were over from India. Solution: let’s try out some of the nearby towns in Suffolk for a day trip and weContinue reading “Traveling with toddler- day trip to Bury St Edmunds”

3 Tips for toddler-traveling parents- based on my getaway to Wetton in Peak District, UK

Let me start by saying, (and I think all parents can relate to this, even my own parents I think), that there are no vacations for parents. Children have vacations, single people have vacations, maybe even some newly formed couples have vacations. Parents, don’t have vacations- some parents however, have public holidays and weekends andContinue reading “3 Tips for toddler-traveling parents- based on my getaway to Wetton in Peak District, UK”

Traveling with Toddler- A day trip to Cambridge

I’ve been watching this series called Lewis on Netflix with my husband, and while the series is based in Oxford, one of the main characters is a graduate from Cambridge and there are a lot of references to Cambridge too. So, when another friends-with-baby suggested we try a day trip to Cambridge, I was moreContinue reading “Traveling with Toddler- A day trip to Cambridge”