Stuff I learnt from my second year of motherhood

My little darling daughter turned 2 years old this Friday!! Two years have gone by already and she has now entered her terrific twos (as one of my other friend calls it), and why not? She is going to know more about herself and about the people around her and I hope I get toContinue reading “Stuff I learnt from my second year of motherhood”

Why I love December – Excerpts from 2017

This is my December, this is my time of the year..Linkin Park I just love Decembers. I used to love Septembers too earlier, because that is my birthday month, but I’ve grown up and grown out of birthdays, so now December stands as the uncontested winner. And why not? There are just so many reasonsContinue reading “Why I love December – Excerpts from 2017”

#Bossypants- Life with the new boss

I was promoted a year back and was moved into a new project and a new role, considering some miraculous capability I had developed from the promotion to take on new responsibilities, that I wasn’t aware of myself. Before I started, my current boss informed me this will be a great opportunity. Time to learnContinue reading “#Bossypants- Life with the new boss”

Traveling with Toddler- A day trip to Cambridge

I’ve been watching this series called Lewis on Netflix with my husband, and while the series is based in Oxford, one of the main characters is a graduate from Cambridge and there are a lot of references to Cambridge too. So, when another friends-with-baby suggested we try a day trip to Cambridge, I was moreContinue reading “Traveling with Toddler- A day trip to Cambridge”