Long weekend, Model Village and Aquariums

Since we are in the middle of a tentative relocation, we couldn’t plan in advance to travel anywhere during this long weekend. But being a non resident has its perks in the fact that even local places become a tourist spot. So we decided to find out nearby child friendly places and spend mornings sightContinue reading “Long weekend, Model Village and Aquariums”

Thank you, Readers!! :)

I keep telling myself, its no big deal. There are bloggers who have many more readers, so calm down Soldier! 🙂 But who am I kidding?!? I saw this update on my WordPress notification and I was overjoyed! And it is all thanks to you guys. I have been blogging since a long time, starting almostContinue reading “Thank you, Readers!! :)”

The joy of experiencing things for the first time!

This post is just for me, and my memories:) It has no worth at all, for any other readers, no recommendations on what to read, eat, where to visit, or how to spend these glorious summer days. It is just a post that I wanted to write, to remember the fun I’ve been having theContinue reading “The joy of experiencing things for the first time!”

The invention of new ‘days’

Last Sunday was Mother’s day, and the whole world was celebrating it, except for people in the UK! I was kind of upset about this. All my friends, their moms, their partners, and even my own mom, were posting pictures and thank you messages on Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp groups, Blogs, Twitter, about the joy theirContinue reading “The invention of new ‘days’”

Just musings series #5 – Top 3 things I learnt from Wonderwoman

I watched Wonderwoman this weekend. I think I could just write that much and end this blog- it would be self explanatory right? But then, where would be the fun in that? I mean, I am writing a blog because I like writing..duh!   Also, I think now I have a new crush on GalContinue reading “Just musings series #5 – Top 3 things I learnt from Wonderwoman”

Just musings series #2 -The art of savouring now 😊

Last Sunday my 9 month old daughter didn’t go to nap at her usual time in the morning , so I thought, I’ll take her downstairs to the park and put her in the swing for sometime. Little did I know that what sounded like an errand in my head to begin with, would endContinue reading “Just musings series #2 -The art of savouring now 😊”

Originals vs Remixes- Which do you prefer?

I was listening to the ‘Trending’ station on Apple music the other day and came across a remix of ‘The Mack’ as one of the trending songs!! The remix is from the album Nevada and is quite well made to suit today’s generation’s taste in music- combining EDM sounds with some rap to an ageContinue reading “Originals vs Remixes- Which do you prefer?”