My TBR for ‘The Coffee Readathon’

Joining in on readathons with like minded and really cool readers is a great way to enjoy and get more from your reading life. One of my friends Jayati is hosting ‘The Coffee Readathon‘, and since I love my coffee, I thought this was a cool way to read all the books I’ve been receivingContinue reading “My TBR for ‘The Coffee Readathon’”

Why I love December – Excerpts from 2017

This is my December, this is my time of the year..Linkin Park I just love Decembers. I used to love Septembers too earlier, because that is my birthday month, but I’ve grown up and grown out of birthdays, so now December stands as the uncontested winner. And why not? There are just so many reasonsContinue reading “Why I love December – Excerpts from 2017”