Beyond my Blinkers by Subir Adhicary – Book Review

I’m so glad that my first book review of the year is a book by an Indian author, who I had the luck to meet in person and get my copy of book signed by! Getting a signed copy is every reader’s dream come true I think 😊 You can read a bit more aboutContinue reading “Beyond my Blinkers by Subir Adhicary – Book Review”

Surviving (not) the longest flight journey

We said goodbye to England last Saturday and boarded our flight to India. England treated us well, but it was time for a new adventure in my home country now. Had to spend Diwali in Delhi too- aah the joys of being home, the yummy food and the awful haze. But I digress. This postContinue reading “Surviving (not) the longest flight journey”

The invention of new ‘days’

Last Sunday was Mother’s day, and the whole world was celebrating it, except for people in the UK! I was kind of upset about this. All my friends, their moms, their partners, and even my own mom, were posting pictures and thank you messages on Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp groups, Blogs, Twitter, about the joy theirContinue reading “The invention of new ‘days’”

Stuff I learnt from my second year of motherhood

My little darling daughter turned 2 years old this Friday!! Two years have gone by already and she has now entered her terrific twos (as one of my other friend calls it), and why not? She is going to know more about herself and about the people around her and I hope I get toContinue reading “Stuff I learnt from my second year of motherhood”

Social life as a toddler mom- Goals vs Reality

I took a week to come up with the header of this post. Initially, I thought, I’ll write a ‘How to’ post about socializing or having a life outside work and baby. But after the highs of the previous week, came the lows of this week, which made me realize, I’m no expert at this!Continue reading “Social life as a toddler mom- Goals vs Reality”

Book Review: Life, the Universe, and Everything by Douglas Adams

My Rating: 3 Stars Book & Author: Life, the Universe and Everything Genre: Science fiction/humour My first book review of 2018 and I’m a little disappointed that this wasn’t a 4 star like I had hoped it to be. Nevertheless, I am biased, since this is Douglas Adams and even this book made me crackContinue reading “Book Review: Life, the Universe, and Everything by Douglas Adams”

#Bossypants- Life with the new boss

I was promoted a year back and was moved into a new project and a new role, considering some miraculous capability I had developed from the promotion to take on new responsibilities, that I wasn’t aware of myself. Before I started, my current boss informed me this will be a great opportunity. Time to learnContinue reading “#Bossypants- Life with the new boss”

My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it

Everyone knows how difficult it is to be a woman. I’m not even talking about all the serious issues like equality, safety, freedom, biological clock, etc etc. I’m talking about the not-so-serious-but-very-important part that comes with being a woman- grooming! Yes, I can hear all the collective sighs from my fellow women friends and readers😏 IContinue reading “My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it”