Stay at Home Series – Episode 1: The Working Mom

I’m basically starting these series to bore you guys senseless or make you guys laugh out loud. Also, to practice writing and continue writing on my blog, considering, I’m not going to be traveling much or getting my reading done in the speed with which I usually do 😉 These are stories from my ownContinue reading “Stay at Home Series – Episode 1: The Working Mom”

The Black Hawks (Articles of Faith #1) by David Wragg – Thoughts

I gave this debut a 3.5 stars, for its debut effort and entertainment factor. This story has a new narration angle, where our protagonist Chel is not hero-like, and is thrown into extremely violent circumstances unexpectedly, where he has to protect his life and the life of one of the crown Princes – Prince Tarfel.Continue reading “The Black Hawks (Articles of Faith #1) by David Wragg – Thoughts”

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones – Thoughts

No book is really worth reading at the age of ten, which is not equally, and often, far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond – C.S. Lewis Although I’m not fifty yet, I’m learning to appreciate the wise words of C.S Lewis, now that I have discovered and loved theContinue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones – Thoughts”

Dear Girls by Ali Wong – Reader thoughts on the last book of the year :)

2019 is nearly over..a few more days and well, I don’t know what to say about this year. So I won’t go there. But what I can say for sure is, that my reading was great this year and I’m so grateful for all the authors who write and for all the amazing books thatContinue reading “Dear Girls by Ali Wong – Reader thoughts on the last book of the year :)”

When do you find time to read??!

That is the one question I’ve been asked a lot, recently from friends and families who get to see my reading updates on Instagram and Facebook. Now let me clear out two things, because I’m sure most of the readers in our reading community must be getting asked the same question and most of usContinue reading “When do you find time to read??!”

Cinderella – Five years later…

It was a beautiful fairy tale day. The sun was shining just right. There was the spring crispness in the air. The trees were starting to bear fruits and there were beautiful spring flowers in the colors of a rainbow, spread across everywhere. Since this day was taking place in the magical fairy tale landContinue reading “Cinderella – Five years later…”

The best hair colour!!

So I’ve found the best hair colour out there.. you want to know what that is? It is the one you get for FREE! Haha.. ok don’t kill me for that click bait title😊 Here’s what really happened and by the end of reading this story, tell me if you’re as confused with my hairContinue reading “The best hair colour!!”

Slice of Life Tuesday #2 – Being Midge Maisel for a day

Two Writing Teachers run the Slice of Life tag ever Tuesday, where readers and writers are encouraged to write and share something about their life or day. You can check out the tag here. *************************************************************** I’ve been watching and fan girling over the Marvelous Mrs Maisel series on Amazon Prime these days. Since I don’tContinue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday #2 – Being Midge Maisel for a day”

Beyond my Blinkers by Subir Adhicary – Book Review

I’m so glad that my first book review of the year is a book by an Indian author, who I had the luck to meet in person and get my copy of book signed by! Getting a signed copy is every reader’s dream come true I think 😊 You can read a bit more aboutContinue reading “Beyond my Blinkers by Subir Adhicary – Book Review”

Surviving (not) the longest flight journey

We said goodbye to England last Saturday and boarded our flight to India. England treated us well, but it was time for a new adventure in my home country now. Had to spend Diwali in Delhi too- aah the joys of being home, the yummy food and the awful haze. But I digress. This postContinue reading “Surviving (not) the longest flight journey”