Gratitude Journal #2 – Superheroes

Have you ever wondered about the Superheroes you read about or watch? I mean, yeah they have a tough backstory and stuff, but most of the time when their story begins, it always ends with so much grandeur. Like, everything somehow works out for them and then they get superpowers and a team of amazingContinue reading “Gratitude Journal #2 – Superheroes”

Just musings series #2 -The art of savouring now 😊

Last Sunday my 9 month old daughter didn’t go to nap at her usual time in the morning , so I thought, I’ll take her downstairs to the park and put her in the swing for sometime. Little did I know that what sounded like an errand in my head to begin with, would endContinue reading “Just musings series #2 -The art of savouring now 😊”

Just Musings series #1 -What brings Joy to me :)

So, ‘Just Musings series’ are going to get added to my ‘Life as I know It’ category as well, stuff that go on in my head now and then that I just want to write about as recordings I can read later when I’m a 100 years old or something 🙂 You will learn nothingContinue reading “Just Musings series #1 -What brings Joy to me :)”