2020 – A Year of Mostly Failed Goals

I know it is quite pessimistic to start your first blog with a post titled – 2020: A Year of Mostly Failed Goals. But, this blog is sacred to me and I’ve got to be honest here. I had lofty goals for 2020, and then the world went into a lockdown and I failed mostContinue reading “2020 – A Year of Mostly Failed Goals”

Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – October 2020

October has been such an amazing month. I read a lot and I even went out and I met with some family and friends and we celebrated Durga Puja and Halloween with a closed group, lockdown style. In a nutshell it was as good as it could get🙂 Books I read ☺️📚 I read theContinue reading “Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – October 2020”

Hey 2019, I’ve got some plans for you! 😉

Are we there yet? My daughter’s favourite question lately. I told her this morning, yes darling, we’ve arrived at 2019! She looked confused. Bless her. A new year, and a new timeline to try and succeed and try and fail and yet just try a whole list of things! Pretty exciting! (You’d be rolling yourContinue reading “Hey 2019, I’ve got some plans for you! 😉”

November wrap up – Of failed goals and lessons learnt

It’s December already! Time really does fly doesn’t it? I know all the other bloggers are writing amazing festive posts and participating in Blogmas and I don’t want to be a killjoy by writing this post, but I promise, this will be short and hopefully will have something positive to bring in the last monthContinue reading “November wrap up – Of failed goals and lessons learnt”