Goa – Never disappoints

We might just decide that we will spend every Diwali in Goa henceforth. Considering we don’t have any religious affinity for the festival and are not a big fan of the pollution created by the fire crackers, it seems like a splendid decision. We’ve been to Goa many times now. I feel like I’ve travelledContinue reading “Goa – Never disappoints”

Same state, different experience- Goa in the monsoon!

So it’s monsoon in India and the best time to trek and travel around to soak in all the green. But people would not consider going to a beach destination for a weekend getaway during monsoons, I mean, what’s the point of going to the beach if you can’t walk on the beach to soakContinue reading “Same state, different experience- Goa in the monsoon!”