Vacation 2016 at Goa!

After almost a year, my sister- my best friend, came down to visit us from the US for christmas vacations and after almost a year, we were ready for a proper vacation with our baby πŸ™‚ We decided to go to our favorite winter destination in India- Goa, because, it is such a beautiful place,Continue reading “Vacation 2016 at Goa!”

Same state, different experience- Goa in the monsoon!

So it’s monsoon in India and the best time to trek and travel around to soak in all the green. But people would not consider going to a beach destination for a weekend getaway during monsoons, I mean, what’s the point of going to the beach if you can’t walk on the beach to soakContinue reading “Same state, different experience- Goa in the monsoon!”

My American trip- where I drank coffee, talked to strangers and practiced gluttony :)

When my husband and I got our tourist visas approved at the Mumbai consulate, after the long wait and application process, all I could think of was not that I was going to visit the US, but that I was finally going to get to hang out with two of my favorite people in theContinue reading “My American trip- where I drank coffee, talked to strangers and practiced gluttony :)”

Vietnam- a pho-ntastic trip!

After an extremely nerve wrecking start (we found out the visa rules had changed, and we had only 4 hrs on a Friday to sort it out.. Thank god for money though, it does seem to sort the most impossible of problems!), to this long awaited vacation in vietnam, my husband and I arrived atContinue reading “Vietnam- a pho-ntastic trip!”

1 day food adventure at Johor Bahru, Malaysia πŸ˜Š

So, I got tired of spending my weekends alone watching tv at home and decided to sign up for one of these meet ups. And this one was a one day food and shopping adventure😊 So the night before I just couldn’t sleep out of excitement and obviously nervousness, so groggy eyes I woke upContinue reading “1 day food adventure at Johor Bahru, Malaysia πŸ˜Š”