Shadow of night (All Souls Trilogy #2) by Deborah Harkness – Audiobook Review

I am so glad of the various mediums of books us readers have at our hands these days. Paperbooks, kindle or e-books, audiobooks – if you really want to read, there is no excuse not to read┬áreally! ­čśë I had read the first book of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, last year – A DiscoveryContinue reading “Shadow of night (All Souls Trilogy #2) by Deborah Harkness – Audiobook Review”

A reader’s rant on a local bookstore

I have to warn you, this is going to be a rant. If I hurt anyone’s sentiments while doing this, I’m sorry- but I just have to let this out of my system. Not to mention, I have already ranted about this on the phone with my husband, on watsapp groups with my best friends,Continue reading “A reader’s rant on a local bookstore”

The Greek Gods Book Tag

Between moving and trying to keep up with my reading and writing goals for the month, it was a pleasant surprise to see my blog tagged for this:) I’m not sure how many answers I’ll have because I’m slightly bad with remembering books and its only recently that I have started book journaling, but I’mContinue reading “The Greek Gods Book Tag”

Reading Wrap Up – October 2018

I had big plans for my reading in October. Then those big plans kind of flopped. Socials, daycare stuff, illnesses, shifting preparations for moving back to India, all got in the way of my reading plans this month. Also, to add, I had plans of reading a lot of spooky, dark books this month, inContinue reading “Reading Wrap Up – October 2018”

Reading Wrap Up – September 2018

Oh September of 2018- what a great month you were to me ­čÖé I managed to fulfil all my reading goals and read so many beautiful books. I am constantly in awe of all the young writers and┬átheir talent to write such brilliant books and create such beautiful worlds and stories. These books helped meContinue reading “Reading Wrap Up – September 2018”

A War Tattooist, A Young Poet, A Gryffindor-ean, and a Geeky Cinderella

Now, to follow up on the heading of this post- what is common amongst all the people I mentioned above? Choose from the options below: A) They’re characters from the books I read last week B) Some are fictional and some are real people! C) But everyone is awesome in their own way D) AllContinue reading “A War Tattooist, A Young Poet, A Gryffindor-ean, and a Geeky Cinderella”

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn- Book Review

I am blown out of my mind. What a book, and what a story! Drama, female spy characters inspired by real life World War 1 and 2 heroines, mystery, road trips, adventure, feminism, rebelliousness, breaking out of stereotypes, heart break, pain, humour, hope, a delicious revenge- what more can one ask from a summer read?!Continue reading “The Alice Network by Kate Quinn- Book Review”

10 ways to spot a book lover :D

We’ve all got our fetishes and things that we crave above all right? I’d like not to club our passion for reading in the same league as other addiction such as shopping, binging, drinking or doing narcotics, but the way we behave sure does have many common symptoms with these.. ahem. Thankfully, the saving graceContinue reading “10 ways to spot a book lover :D”

My First Summer Reading List- 2018!

I always loved reading, but lately, with my reading challenges and being a┬ámember of various book clubs online and in-life, and following bookish people on social media has made me realise that I am reading even more voraciously than ever! Which is actually great and I hope to keep up the pace- which is whereContinue reading “My First Summer Reading List- 2018!”