Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – Sep 2021

To start with, I’d like to take a moment to to note that its nearly half of October already and for some reason I decided to write my September wrap up now. Better late than never, they say, right? I was going through my notes for September and I realised I did a lot ofContinue reading “Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – Sep 2021”

Book Talk Series – What Women Write

And just like that, March is over and we’re back in the doom and gloom situation of the second wave of Covid and lockdown here in India. I seriously hate this frigging virus. I don’t like cursing, but I am cursing the life of this cursed virus at this point. Go die already!! Ok, IContinue reading “Book Talk Series – What Women Write”

Five Book recommendations from my nearly five year old

My daughter is four and a half years old and loves being read to. I think I’ve already achieved my parenting goals. Now only if this continues as she grows up 😉 Child experts say that you should communicate with your children like equals. So I took that literally and asked my daughter to chooseContinue reading “Five Book recommendations from my nearly five year old”

We Set the Dark on Fire Book Tag

I haven’t read We Set the Dark on Fire or the second book yet, but I whole heartedly trust my friend Sahi @MyWorldofBooks, in her recommendations. So if she says this was awesome, then I say so too 😉 Also, thanks for tagging me to do this fun tag, Sahi! 🙂 This tag was originallyContinue reading “We Set the Dark on Fire Book Tag”