Vietnam- a pho-ntastic trip!

After an extremely nerve wrecking start (we found out the visa rules had changed, and we had only 4 hrs on a Friday to sort it out.. Thank god for money though, it does seem to sort the most impossible of problems!), to this long awaited vacation in vietnam, my husband and I arrived atContinue reading “Vietnam- a pho-ntastic trip!”

Weekend trip to hong kong- of tall blocks and shiny malls

I chanced upon this pretty good deal on groupon one day for a 3D 2N trip to Hong Kong inclusive of flight, stay at a great hotel, half day sight seeing and transfer from the airport and booked two of these for my husband and me, since it was a good deal and it hadContinue reading “Weekend trip to hong kong- of tall blocks and shiny malls”

1 day food adventure at Johor Bahru, Malaysia 😊

So, I got tired of spending my weekends alone watching tv at home and decided to sign up for one of these meet ups. And this one was a one day food and shopping adventure😊 So the night before I just couldn’t sleep out of excitement and obviously nervousness, so groggy eyes I woke upContinue reading “1 day food adventure at Johor Bahru, Malaysia 😊”

My first successful and dramatic solo trip!

I always wondered how it would be to travel alone and explore things at your own pace or not explore at all and go to a different place and vegetate without feeling guilty about it.. So I thought what better way to find out than try it out? Therefore after a lot of erratic andContinue reading “My first successful and dramatic solo trip!”

The land where everyone is a millionaire- our trip to Bali😊

  So after a long time and pretty quick and impromptu planning, Priyank and I managed to plan a short weekend trip to Bali with another couple friend of ours- chan and Snigs .. The excitement before the trip was palpable.. It was Bali after all, we had heard so much about it and IContinue reading “The land where everyone is a millionaire- our trip to Bali😊”

To heaven and back-is even a lifetime enough there?

I realized a few days back that other than dancing like I’m in a trance, traveling is what gives me peace and contentment, next. And of course I’m not talking about traveling to work, but travel which includes exploring new places, people and of course food 😉 And this is an account of yet anotherContinue reading “To heaven and back-is even a lifetime enough there?”

A wedding and an anniversary

A wedding and an anniversary – in God’s own country: Kerela! One fine day, Pinki and I made a list utilizing the office resources of places we wanted to visit in India and the top two destinations on our list were at polar ends of the subcontinent – Leh in the north and Kerela inContinue reading “A wedding and an anniversary”

Trip to Diveagarh-19th Feb ’11

  The entire week since Pinks told me about going on just a twosome getaway to a nearby beach, all I could think about was the beach and what fun we’ll have there! We had decided on a short trip, leaving home by Saturday (19th Feb ’11) around 11 am and returning on Sunday (20th Feb ’11)Continue reading “Trip to Diveagarh-19th Feb ’11”