Outdoors vs Indoors

Last weekend, my toddler was finally slightly better and we decided that we were going to brave the cold and the wind and just plan to go out that weekend. I was seriously starting to get tired being indoors, entertaining my child with almost the same games and watching TV. So, Saturday morning, we hadContinue reading “Outdoors vs Indoors”

Social life as a toddler mom- Goals vs Reality

I took a week to come up with the header of this post. Initially, I thought, I’ll write a ‘How to’ post about socializing or having a life outside work and baby. But after the highs of the previous week, came the lows of this week, which made me realize, I’m no expert at this!Continue reading “Social life as a toddler mom- Goals vs Reality”

Why I love December – Excerpts from 2017

This is my December, this is my time of the year..Linkin Park I just love Decembers. I used to love Septembers too earlier, because that is my birthday month, but I’ve grown up and grown out of birthdays, so now December stands as the uncontested winner. And why not? There are just so many reasonsContinue reading “Why I love December – Excerpts from 2017”

#Bossypants- Life with the new boss

I was promoted a year back and was moved into a new project and a new role, considering some miraculous capability I had developed from the promotion to take on new responsibilities, that I wasn’t aware of myself. Before I started, my current boss informed me this will be a great opportunity. Time to learnContinue reading “#Bossypants- Life with the new boss”

My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it

Everyone knows how difficult it is to be a woman. I’m not even talking about all the serious issues like equality, safety, freedom, biological clock, etc etc. I’m talking about the not-so-serious-but-very-important part┬áthat comes with being a woman- grooming! Yes, I can hear all the collective sighs from my fellow women friends and readers­čśĆ IContinue reading “My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it”

The ‘Place’ I discovered where I have my affairs

I have been married for 7 or is it 8 years now and known each other for over a decade. I have a full time job, and a baby in the picture now. Life just catches up with you and things get monotonous, boring at times. My husband and I don’t hate each other, inContinue reading “The ‘Place’ I discovered where I have my affairs”

My first Meetup in Ipswich – Dinner at Maharani

When I moved to Singapore for a project assignment, there were days when I would want to go out for a drink or a coffee or do something but couldn't find company. It is during this time that a common friend told me about 'Meetups'. I think Meetups are a great way to make friendsContinue reading “My first Meetup in Ipswich – Dinner at Maharani”

Before and After Marriage- 5 ways your ‘partnership’ changes in

This is one of those posts that have no meaning or intention at all, other than just that I thought it would make some of us nod and smile thinking about our spouses or partners and how life changes with your partners over the years, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it changes for the worseContinue reading “Before and After Marriage- 5 ways your ‘partnership’ changes in”

Just musings series #5 – Top 3 things I learnt from Wonderwoman

I watched Wonderwoman this weekend. I think I could just write that much and end this blog- it would be self explanatory right? But then, where would be the fun in that? I mean, I am writing a blog because I like writing..duh! ┬á Also, I think now I have a new crush on GalContinue reading “Just musings series #5 – Top 3 things I learnt from Wonderwoman”

From India to UK with a 1 year old- a series of unfortunate events, and not the lemony snickets one :D

I know, it has been ages since I’ve written a blog, and there is no wondering why- the reason is simple- I have fallen behind because I’m still trying to cope up with all the unfortunate events that have happened since the last one month and I’m praying with each passing day that we settleContinue reading “From India to UK with a 1 year old- a series of unfortunate events, and not the lemony snickets one :D”