Thank you, Readers!! :)

I keep telling myself, its no big deal. There are bloggers who have many more readers, so calm down Soldier! 🙂 But who am I kidding?!? I saw this update on my WordPress notification and I was overjoyed! And it is all thanks to you guys. I have been blogging since a long time, starting almostContinue reading “Thank you, Readers!! :)”

The joy of experiencing things for the first time!

This post is just for me, and my memories:) It has no worth at all, for any other readers, no recommendations on what to read, eat, where to visit, or how to spend these glorious summer days. It is just a post that I wanted to write, to remember the fun I’ve been having theContinue reading “The joy of experiencing things for the first time!”

Thank you, Fathers

Father’s day is around the corner and if you’ve read another of my recent posts, where I talk about including the celebration of ‘Days‘ created for humans and invented by consumerism, you’ll know, that I’d definitely want to celebrate Father’s day (even though the father in question may not want I know, moms are sacredContinue reading “Thank you, Fathers”

Doing more with the same time- what a week!

I re-wrote the draft and the header of this post almost four times, before deciding to just go with it and publish it! I kept thinking whether people would be interested to know about my week and weekly chores or if I should just write a personal journal entry instead. In the end, I justContinue reading “Doing more with the same time- what a week!”

The invention of new ‘days’

Last Sunday was Mother’s day, and the whole world was celebrating it, except for people in the UK! I was kind of upset about this. All my friends, their moms, their partners, and even my own mom, were posting pictures and thank you messages on Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp groups, Blogs, Twitter, about the joy theirContinue reading “The invention of new ‘days’”

20 Years of Journaling

Last night, I started my first attempt at bullet journaling. It isn’t as pretty as all the salivating bullet journal pictures I see on Instagram, but it served my purpose of neatly capturing all I achieved, learnt, wanted to do and many other things for the day in a single page. At that instant, IContinue reading “20 Years of Journaling”

The simple joys, toddler illness and Gandhi’s Talisman this week

When I was in school in India, I remember reading this page on the beginning of each book, which was titled ‘Gandhi’s Talisman‘ (I’m sure most of us know who Gandhi was, but if you don’t, you can Google him:)). So it was a short paragraph that said, “Whenever you are in doubt regarding yourContinue reading “The simple joys, toddler illness and Gandhi’s Talisman this week”

Stuff I learnt from my second year of motherhood

My little darling daughter turned 2 years old this Friday!! Two years have gone by already and she has now entered her terrific twos (as one of my other friend calls it), and why not? She is going to know more about herself and about the people around her and I hope I get toContinue reading “Stuff I learnt from my second year of motherhood”

All things reading this week

This week has seen my reading obsession take a whole new level. I can’t believe it, but all I can think about is reading, how to read more, how to discuss about my books with other people more and how to encourage the love of reading with everyone. It’s funny, that as soon as IContinue reading “All things reading this week”