Blogger Recognition Award

I’m so sorry first of all, Tammy for saying thanks this late, but Thank you so much for nominating my blog for this award!! This made me so happy and just feels like I might be doing something right, for a change 🙂 Everyone else, if you are a writer, or a budding writer andContinue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

Surviving (not) the longest flight journey

We said goodbye to England last Saturday and boarded our flight to India. England treated us well, but it was time for a new adventure in my home country now. Had to spend Diwali in Delhi too- aah the joys of being home, the yummy food and the awful haze. But I digress. This postContinue reading “Surviving (not) the longest flight journey”

Is Romance Dead?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with emotions? As if you want to express a million things that you are feeling, in words, but the words just don’t come out? (That sounded like an Eminem song, ahem) Or if they do, they feel like a jumbled mess because there is too much your heart is feeling and there isContinue reading “Is Romance Dead?”

Revisiting September 2018 – Bday, Goals, Socials

I had a really good month in September this year, and I wanted to use this post to write about all the things I did in September – my birthday celebrations, other outings, and how I fared in all the goals I had set up for myself in the beginning of the month 🙂 Again,Continue reading “Revisiting September 2018 – Bday, Goals, Socials”

Life works in strange ways

It is Monday today. I will not be lying if I say, that majority of us don’t have any special affinity for Mondays. Most of us dread Monday mornings. Most of us have Monday blues. Unless you are on a vacation this Monday, staring at blue waters with a chilled beer in your hand 🙂Continue reading “Life works in strange ways”

Long weekend, Model Village and Aquariums

Since we are in the middle of a tentative relocation, we couldn’t plan in advance to travel anywhere during this long weekend. But being a non resident has its perks in the fact that even local places become a tourist spot. So we decided to find out nearby child friendly places and spend mornings sightContinue reading “Long weekend, Model Village and Aquariums”

Thank you, Readers!! :)

I keep telling myself, its no big deal. There are bloggers who have many more readers, so calm down Soldier! 🙂 But who am I kidding?!? I saw this update on my WordPress notification and I was overjoyed! And it is all thanks to you guys. I have been blogging since a long time, starting almostContinue reading “Thank you, Readers!! :)”