When sleep eludes me..yawnnnn

When sleep eludes me, I’m irritable When sleep eludes me, I get constipated (yeah, we all poop, its natural) ..lol When sleep eludes me, I can’t drag my body out of the bed to go for that morning jog When sleep eludes me, I feel like a zombie for the rest of the day WhenContinue reading “When sleep eludes me..yawnnnn”

The Metallica Experience

THE METALLICA EXPERIENCE WHEN: 30TH OCT 2011 WHERE: BANGALORE PALACE GROUNDS WITH: PRIYANK, RICHI, SHAWN, DAHIYA AND PALASH When I was depressed and suicidal in Delhi, during my unemployment period, I sat down one day in my dingy Malviya Nagar garage home and wrote down my bucket list to give me strength to get through thatContinue reading “The Metallica Experience”