Just Musings series #1 -What brings Joy to me :)

So, ‘Just Musings series’ are going to get added to my ‘Life as I know It’ category as well, stuff that go on in my head now and then that I just want to write about as recordings I can read later when I’m a 100 years old or something 🙂 You will learn nothingContinue reading “Just Musings series #1 -What brings Joy to me :)”

Feb book review #1 – Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

Oh my goodness, all these Valentine’s day posts are annoying the crap out of me! Lol..Sorry, I just had to get it out of my system..deep breath..ok, let’s get on to the book now 🙂 I have two books on my list of February reads this year, and Truly Madly Guilty was one of them,Continue reading “Feb book review #1 – Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty”

Originals vs Remixes- Which do you prefer?

I was listening to the ‘Trending’ station on Apple music the other day and came across a remix of ‘The Mack’ as one of the trending songs!! The remix is from the album Nevada and is quite well made to suit today’s generation’s taste in music- combining EDM sounds with some rap to an ageContinue reading “Originals vs Remixes- Which do you prefer?”

Book Review: An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhoof

My Rating: 4 awesome stars!! Book Name: An Embarrassment of Mangoes (A Caribbean Interlude) Author: Ann Vanderhoof Genre: Non Fiction/Travelogue/Culture&History/Caribbean food recipe guide 😀 Before I start my review, here is some trivia. Did you know (because I didn’t, before I read this book): Receta means recipe in Spanish? Conch is a popular seafood inContinue reading “Book Review: An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhoof”

To go or not to go – A recurring theme for most parents who love to travel :D

Last weekend, we tried another go at Lonavla (which is a small hill station near Pune, Maharashtra, India) with our baby (who’s now almost 9 months old and has already traveled the East, West and North in our country! lol..We did have my parents accompanying us this time, and my husband and I were reallyContinue reading “To go or not to go – A recurring theme for most parents who love to travel :D”

How to (or not to) eat a meal out with a baby :D

Disclaimer: This is not to be confused with an expert view on parenting or baby eating habits or recommendation of any sort! Lol! Premise: Generally weekend brunches/lunches with the 8 month old (who has recently started crawling), with family or friends – because I am too lazy to cook 😀 I love eating out-period. IContinue reading “How to (or not to) eat a meal out with a baby :D”

Book Review: I know how she does it by Laura Vanderkam

My rating: 3.7 Stars The mosaic metaphor is that life consists of many tiles. Some tiles are stressful and some are wonderful. – Laura Vanderkam Laura’s statement above sums up her time management lesson in this book. It’s funny how I’ve started opening up to more self help books lately. I read an awesome self helpContinue reading “Book Review: I know how she does it by Laura Vanderkam”

Current music favs- Blurryface & Lady Wood :)

I love listening to all kinds of music and exploring all the new music that comes out. Most of my recommendations come from iTunes new releases or a similar playlist playing on You Tube or from my sister or friends..Lol! So I recently checked out these two albums – Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots andContinue reading “Current music favs- Blurryface & Lady Wood :)”