Five Reasons I Journal on Paper

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Anne Frank I have been journaling since I was in the fifth grade. My first journal was gifted to me by my father. I mostly wrote about my good days and my bad days with the focus being on theContinue reading “Five Reasons I Journal on Paper”

Books to Screen Adaptations – My List #3

Aah, it has been a while that I wrote one of these posts because when I started this series, there weren’t a lot of books that were getting adapted. However, with OTT taking over the screen world, there has been a Big Bang of books being adapted into movies or limited series on different platforms.Continue reading “Books to Screen Adaptations – My List #3”

Father, Daughter – Readers

Today is my dad’s fourth death anniversay. I kept thinking about what I should do to celebrate the person he was and honour his memory. This is easier for people who are religious I guess. Like my mom. Every year, on his death anniversary, we are supposed to have a puja at home, and feedContinue reading “Father, Daughter – Readers”

Life Updates – 3 Months Post Surgery, Considering Changing my Name to P – Perseverance

Just a little over two months ago, I had written this post about my 3-week post hysterectomy surgery recovery journey. I completed my three month check up recently and I’m super happy to tell you that the Doctor has given me a go ahead to get back to all normal activities! Hurrah!! I had aContinue reading “Life Updates – 3 Months Post Surgery, Considering Changing my Name to P – Perseverance”

March and April 2023 – Reading Wrap Up

I have to say, I think I read some really diverse and interesting books in the last two months. I read some romances, books in translation, a satire on capitalism, a non fiction, a book that was adapted into a TV series, a book about a female psychopath. Here are the books I read andContinue reading “March and April 2023 – Reading Wrap Up”

Midlife Musings – The Exhausted Forty Year Old

A woman in her forty, is being told by her friends that forty is the new twenty. But she is so tired. Tired of trying to look like she is twenty, tired of trying to have the energy of a twenty year old and tired of maintaining the hypocrisy that you might look like aContinue reading “Midlife Musings – The Exhausted Forty Year Old”

Midlife Musings : “Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty” – Cheryl Strayed

Since my surgery earlier this year, I have been religiously doing my 30 minutes of morning and evening walks, as the Doctor prescribed. I am still not approved for any other form of exercising. But in the last two and a half months, I have come to love these walks. I look forward to themContinue reading “Midlife Musings : “Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty” – Cheryl Strayed”

January and February 2023 – Reading Wrap Up

I managed to read a few more books than usual in the last two months since I was at home, off work and recovering from my surgery. Here is a snapshot of the books I read in the last two months. Have you read any of these books? What were your thoughts on the booksContinue reading “January and February 2023 – Reading Wrap Up”

Life Updates – 3 Weeks post Hysterectomy

Hello Readers! After a hiatus of almost a month, I am back into blogging with this life update post. I usually don’t feel comfortable writing about my illnesses or recovery, but after a lot of internal debating and the fact that I myself was looking for information online about Hysterectomy and other women’s recovery journey,Continue reading “Life Updates – 3 Weeks post Hysterectomy”

Midlife Musings – “Just Set Your Priorities”, he said.

I was sitting at the lunch table with a bunch of my colleagues today and we were generally discussing about the lack of work life balance these days in corporate jobs. One of them said, “Work-life balance is a myth that leaders and HR promote to give employees that carrot-dangling-at-the-end-of-the-stick incentive to keep working –Continue reading “Midlife Musings – “Just Set Your Priorities”, he said.”