Life Updates – 3 Months Post Surgery, Considering Changing my Name to P – Perseverance

Just a little over two months ago, I had written this post about my 3-week post hysterectomy surgery recovery journey. I completed my three month check up recently and I’m super happy to tell you that the Doctor has given me a go ahead to get back to all normal activities! Hurrah!!

I had a couple of things planned in my mind for the next few months if there were no setbacks in my recovery. And here is my list and how its all going so far:

-> Learn to drive a car. Attempt Number 4. Now this has become a private joke in the family. Me and my multiple efforts at trying to learn how to drive. Well, I told everyone, I’m 40 and I’m still going to try and learn how to drive a bloody car. Its unfortunate that the driving classes here teach you only on stick cars..grr. But, I’m four classes in, have learned a few things, still have zero confidence that I can drive on the Indian roads anytime soon, but I persevere.

-> Get back into running. I started the 0-5K plan for beginners on my Nike Run app last week. Although I had been walking for about 5K daily, running for even 5 minutes had me out of breath! I have a lot of work ahead but I have decided to persevere and see how far I can go. I really wanted to run at least one half marathon in my life. I don’t care about winning or pacing. I just want to know that I can do it. Even if I jog all the way or alternate between running and walking πŸ™‚

-> Get into other forms of exercising like swimming, trekking, walking, cycling or dancing. I have been able to swim a little over the weekends. Still need to get my bicycle repaired. I do walk on the days when I travel to office because I have no energy to do anything else on those days πŸ™‚ I haven’t signed up for dancing classes yet though. I think that’s something I will sign up for next month maybe.

-> Get better at my day job or find an alternate job. I’ve been struggling a lot with my day job and my confidence has been falling because I’m not very good at it, and also because some of my peers aren’t very patient or kind. I have been trying to put my all into learning new skills and learning about the product I work on, but I’ve barely been keeping afloat. I have also been trying to apply for jobs more suited to my skills and experience, but looks like there are a dearth of those in the market too. But, I have decided, like Mr. Super Mario, I won’t give up. I will keep trying my best to hold on to my job because that pays the bills at the end of the day πŸ™‚

-> Get more social and travel a bit more to nearby places with family and friends. Oh boy, have I been busy in this regard. I celebrated Holi with my friends in the society, went for a couple of dinners and drinks with my girlfriends, went for my first live Jazz event with another friend (loved it!!), went for a city sight seeing trip with a local colleague and an Indonesian colleague who was traveling to Pune for the first time, met a friend who loves reading as much as I do over coffee and decided to join a physical book club, celebrated our daughter’s 7th birthday, went for a weekend trip to an adventure park and tried my hand at various adventure sports even though I sucked at them! LOL πŸ˜€ I realised that doing new things and socialising is tiring and even anxiety inducing, but when I do turn up, I feel like it was all worth it.

-> Writing more. I have been journalling almost daily since the start of this year. I wanted to either fix a certain time in the day to dedicate to my writing or just add it as a daily routine. So far I have been doing better than expected, but I’m still not where I would like to be with my writing schedule and practise. But I’m not giving up know my new name by now, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

-> More outdoor artist dates! I had been stuck to indoor artist dates in the first two months post surgery and then once work started, even those stopped. Sigh. Now that I can travel around more freely, I am planning to get back to visiting cafes, libraries, open mic nights, movies, bookstores, or going for dance classes or long walks again πŸ™‚

-> Diet changes? I have been having some digestion issues, and the Doctor advised me to try and avoid dairy, bread and a type of pulse, but this one is hard, because these are most of what I eat normally. I have been trying to replace dairy with nut milk or tofu, but its hard to make separate food for yourself and your family. I’m hoping that if I just continue to exercise normally and manage my stress, I will be able to eat whatever I want, within moderation πŸ™‚ <Slyly inserts dessert pictures below..hahaha>

Those are all my updates. P- Perseverance shall keep persisting at blogging and posting her life updates and other midlife musings too πŸ™‚

I hope you all are having a great week – full of hard work, me-time and lots of love πŸ™‚

What was a new thing you tried recently? πŸ™‚

What was a hard thing you had to overcome recently? Did you succeed or are you still persevering at it like me? Either ways, I think you’re a rockstar for not giving up πŸ™‚

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