Day 5 – 10 Mins for 10 Days

Today, you will get a story, dear readers. Not sure how good or interesting the story will be, but the prompt says that we have to write a story using some keywords that Tammy shared.

Story Title: Empty Wind

Photo by Jeffrey Czum on

Anita ignored her phone, just as it buzzed for the third time in ten minutes. She knew who the messages were from and what they said. Instead, she looked at her watch, the straps covering fresh bruises on her wrists. She covered her arms with the sleeves of her coat, as the brush of cold wind blew through the platform. Her heart beat with excitement and nervousness at the same time. She had to calm herself down.

‘I know it is going to be alright. I know she will love me. Because I know I love her, have always loved her,’ she thought to herself.

The train approached as her phone buzzed again. She took one look at the messages, full of hate and anger and left her phone on the bench she was sitting on.

The train stopped and people started to get in and out in a rush. Thankfully it wasn’t rush hour. She didn’t want to lose her again, not like this.

Someone tapped her from behind. “Mom?”

She turned and took in the sight of the almost-grown up girl looking at her. She didn’t look angry. Or disappointed. She knew then that he had lied to her. She smiled tentatively at the beautiful girl in the tie die sweatshirt standing in front of her. Another gust of cold wind swept the platform as the train left the station, just as Anita exhaled the breath she didn’t know she was holding. Just as both mother and daughter hugged each other. And just like that, she felt free. Free of the illusion of hurt and dread that she had carried all these months. Free like the empty wind.

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