Day 3 – 10 Mins for 10 Days

9 Things I Noticed Today (During my commute to and from work):

  1. I noticed the river was full and adorned with lush green bushes and trees on both sides, all thanks to the incessant rain
  2. I noticed there was a lot of traffic both while going to work and returning
  3. I noticed a pregnant woman wearing a brown and white hijab coming out of a police station, gently holding her tummy
  4. I noticed a traffic Policeman sitting and scrolling his mobile while the traffic went haywire
  5. I noticed three old men with the typical Maharashtrian white caps sitting at a bus station and talking, while the rest of the world zoomed by
  6. I noticed a young man squatting on the sidewalk of the bridge and scrolling his phone
  7. I noticed that the auto rickshaw driver driving me today from work was a young man and he drove very fast
  8. I noticed a small pond which was completely covered with a bright light green moss, which made it look like a velvet green carpet and I really had the urge to sit on it
  9. I noticed a dilapidated watch tower in a field of trash

What are the 9 things you noticed today? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚ I wonder if I can write a mystery using this list.

As promised yesterday, I also have my song that I want to tell you about. I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragon’s new album – Mercury I & II. The lyrics of most of the songs speak to me so much. The entire album is about mental health and being worn out with life today. I loved every line in almost every song. But one of the songs that stuck with me was “Lonely“.

Just like most of the things I noticed today, except for the bunch of old men in the bus stop, everyone else was alone. They somehow seemed lonely to me. Sometimes I feel lonely too. Especially when I’m surrounded by people. I try things to keep myself busy, but it doesn’t alter the fact that I feel lonely, anxious and depressed sometimes. Do you feel like that too?

What is a song you heard recently that spoke to you? πŸ™‚

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