Three Things

Inspired by Holly from Poetry Forge – An interesting way to inspire a conversation. The first two stay the same and the third thing is chosen by the …

Three Things

I really liked this post shared by Tammy and so re blogging it. Here are my three things for today.. Both Tammy and I would love to hear your three things for today too 🙂🌸

Something of Beauty – When I was cycling in the morning, I saw either sides of the road lush with bougainvillea flowers of all colours.. it was gorgeous!

Something of interest – I want to learn a few dance moves from YouTube on a Hindi song that I saw other people dancing to on Instagram 😁

Something Difficult yet Worthwhile – I’m trying to take a step back and look at the bigger picture every time I get anxious or stressed, to ask myself, “does this situation really warrant my stress?” It’s harder said than done but when I’m able to achieve it , it feels good 🙂

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