All About April 2022 – Trip to London, Bday Celebrations, Parties and Hardly any Reading!

This post decided it didn’t want to be boxed into a category or labelled. It called itself fluid. It is a little bit of a wrap up post, its also a travelogue, a lifestyle post, definitely not a reading wrap up post (even though this blog is supposed to be a reader’s blog), and will have a lot of random updates about what I did in April this year. I mean its totally up to you if you want to read further, and if not, that’s alright too. 😀


I traveled to London for two weeks in April, to visit my sister. This was my first international solo trip with my daughter. Well, my mom traveled with us too, but my husband didn’t. This trip was less of a traveller’s trip and more of a much needed family get together kind of trip in a beautiful city. So I won’t be telling you about all the new sites and places I visited. Because I didn’t. Instead, I’ll just throw in a bunch of photos to remember all the delicious food I ate – in restaurants, pubs and the ones cooked by my sister, all the silly pictures I took with my daughter, the one run I did in London, well because every runner should run in every location they go to 😉 And the perfunctory visit to the bookstore – Waterstones. Maybe next time Ill find out an independent book store and visit them. I had the most amazing two weeks with my sister, mom and daughter. The weather was excellent – spring at its best. The company, comforting and the food and booze relaxing. I was also able to meet up with a few of my friends who had moved to London, so that was an added bonus 🙂

My daughter had a super fun vacation too because there were no rules there and she could eat her fill of pancakes, waffles and pasta for her meals. Not to forget the unforgettable trip to Legoland and being completely spoiled with gifts from her aunt 😀

Birthdays and Other Parties

April became a month of parties, starting with the beer crawl I went to with my friend. After that it was a bunch of get togethers with my family and friends in London, followed by the biggest party f the year – my daughter’s birthday party – she turned six this year! And then finally, a few dinners with friends and a super fun and charged aqua Zumba session – my first!! I loved everything I did in April 😀

Reading, Running and Getting my First Short Story Published!!

I wanted to train for a 10K and started the Hal Higdon running program in April. I also joined my local running group and it has been a bitter sweet journey of running so far – the waking up part being bitter and the running part being sweet. Remember I had written a post about my running updates a while back? If you don’t, this is where it is. I’ll write down a much detailed post about how my running life has been going later. But basically, for the fifteen days that I was in London, I ran just two days. I’m proud of the fact that I still ran at least a day and could brag about the fact that I ran 6K in London!!! By the riverside! I felt blessed 🙂

The same went for my reading too. I had lofty goals of reading by the riverside, or in the park when I was in London. But I literally read only ONE book in the whole of April!! Not proud of this. And this was an audiobook about running too. I’m trying to catch up with my reading goals slowly in May 🙂 I realised, that when I travel with my daughter or have a really busy social life, I hardly get time to read or write. I have to admit, I didn’t write at all.

Despite my inconsistency with writing, I got the best and the most shocking news of my life in April. One of the short stories I had submitted was selected for an online publication!!! It is an anthology of short stories called ‘Disobedient Girls‘ and my story is called ‘Masked Love’. I would love it if you would like to read it and give me your feedback and give us budding writers some love 🙂 You can find the kindle book here 🙂

Whew! I feel like I just ran a 10K! In terms of trying to remember all the things I did in April! I miss you were so good to me! However, its almost end of May and I have some great and some not so great things to say about May too. Next month though..heheh

How have you been doing? How was your April and how is May treating you so far? I’d love to read your travel and life and reading update blogs too – so don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂 Sending some laughter and sunshine your way 🙂

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