Gratitude Journal #2 – Superheroes

Have you ever wondered about the Superheroes you read about or watch? I mean, yeah they have a tough backstory and stuff, but most of the time when their story begins, it always ends with so much grandeur. Like, everything somehow works out for them and then they get superpowers and a team of amazing supporting characters and they save the day or save the world and achieve some goal and then ride off to the sunset in a jet or train or whatever.

But these are fictional Superheroes. I’m not talking about them here. I’m talking about some real Superheroes who I’ve had the privilege to meet and know. Who have saved me and continue saving me and helping me and many others like me day in and day out. They too have a difficult backstory. But they don’t have just one mission. And they don’t get to stop. And they don’t complain either. They’re just around, making the world a better place for me to live in. Here is my gratitude for some of these Superheroes, without whom, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.

  • Parents – Mom, Dad, thank you for everything you have done for me. Papa, you’re not around anymore but I think of you and all the good things you taught me every time the going gets tough. Mummy, I can never imagine being as great a person as you are. Your kindness, your immense love, your constant care not just for me but for everyone in the family and everyone you know, is something that I aspire to each day of my life šŸ’–
    • Superpower : Wisdom, Kindness and Never Ending Love
  • Family – Well, parents are family, but I’m talking about the extended family too. My sister, my husband and my little daughter. Gosh, I am so thankful for each of you in my life. My sister, who is younger than me but wiser and more accomplished than me in so many ways. Who makes time for me and somehow knows how to make my day special or cheer me up even being continents away. I love you so much! Grateful for my husband, who does annoy me many times, but who has been there for me through many difficult parts of life. He isn’t a brooding, romantic partner, but he is someone I rely on as a friend. He won’t bring me flowers or cake or whisper sweet nothings into my ear, but he has accepted me as I am, even with the fact that I am questioning my sexuality and respects my space and privacy and will instead buy me a coffee machine, because he knows how much I love my coffee šŸ˜€ I’m grateful for my little daughter, who is kind, and fierce and sensitive and whose hugs can turn my day around šŸ™‚
    • Superpower: Love, Telepathy, Hugs that Heal
  • Best Friend – I have many friends who I know, like me as a friend, but there is just one best friend who I really think of as my other soul sister. She is one of the funniest, warmest, toughest and most kickass woman I’ve known in my life. She has endured so much and continues to endure the unfairness that life throws at good people, and yet she makes time to talk to me, to listen to me, to make me laugh. She has taught me how to love and protect the ones you love with a fierceness akin to only a warrior. Thank you for being my bestie šŸ™‚ šŸ¤—
    • Superpower: Love, the best partner to go into a battle with, Wit, Courage
  • Home Helpers – This is for the amazing women who come to cook and clean at my home. Always smiling, always cooking up the best meals, keeping our home clean and looking out for us and my daughter. I can trust them blindly and only hope that I can support them as much as they support me and my family with the hard work and daily effort they put in šŸ™šŸ½
    • Superpower: Ever Smiling, Honesty, Diligence
  • Independent Booksellers – Two years back I would have just mentioned my local independent bookshop. But now with the pandemic and online ordering and country wide shipping, I have to include all the independent booksellers in my gratitude list. I don’t know how, but they somehow always seem to have the book that I’ve been looking for or the book that I need. I’m so grateful that there are booksellers who actually understand the kind of reader you are, and who make sure that the books reach you in pristine condition and sometimes who even brighten up your day with an extra hand written note packed in, with the books!!!
    • Superpower: Amazing work ethics, own and sell books! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜‰

So, those were some of the Superheroes who I am really thankful for in my life. Who are your real life Superheroes and what are their superpowers? I’d love to hear about them in the comments, if you’d like to share šŸ™‚

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