Life Diaries and Reading Wrap Up – August 2021

While I read so many books in July, I was surprised when I saw that I’d read only three books in August!!! That’s so unlike me! I wondered where did I spend all my time? And I realised, oh well, for a change, I was actually having to work for my salary..heheh..

August Planner Update πŸ˜€


You already know how my reading went in August, so no surprises when it comes to the number of books I read – yep, I read three books. But they were all sooooooo good!!!! Here is a short wrap up of the books I read and loved in August:

  1. King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) – Book 1 from the King of Scars duology and probably also the last of the books featured in the Grishaworld series. Fantasy fiction starring a super fun character – Nikolai. But the real surprise in the book was Zoya. I loved every bit of the story!
  2. Rule of Wolves by Leight Bardugo (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) – The finale!!! and Oh my gosh, what a finale to the series and and the Grishaworld books! I felt like the author had written this book just for her fans! If you want to read a feminist fiction, this is definitely the book to pick. It breaks so many stereotypes about fictional female characters that I was literally in love with all the women in the book. I cant gush enough about this book! If you’re new to the Grishaworld, keep this doulogy for the end for maximum benefit πŸ˜‰
  3. Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) – This satirical literary fiction on racism that Asians have to face in America was such a gem of a book! One I’d highly recommend. This book was recommended to me by my Indie bookseller and I fell in love with the story, the dialogues and the avant grade way of telling this story about the ‘Generic Kung Fu guy’. Let me know if you’ve read this book and what were your thoughts on it πŸ™‚


As with my reading, my writing took a major setback in August. I felt like I didn’t have the energy to write, even though I had the motivation many times. In July I had been able to write for 16 days, but in August I just wrote for 8 days, which is kind of lousy. All my drafts are still just 30% done and I fear that Ill be too late in turning out drafts at this rate – especially when one of the short story collections I’m working on is Pandemic based. I don’t have a lot of confidence that September will be any better, even with Story A Day challenge, but let’s see πŸ™‚

Socials, Life, Travel and Other Updates:

  • We didn’t go for any more weekend getaways in August, but I did meet a very dear friend after ages over a weekend and we took my daughter and her friends and their parents for a lunch outing on a Sunday, which was quite fun πŸ™‚
  • We celebrated an Indian festival called Rakhi. I’m not much into the details of the festival, but since my husband had received the Rakhis from his sisters, we made an event out of it. We tied the Rakhis to each other and ate lots of yummy food. We will protect each other, we said πŸ˜‰
  • With my workouts, I started with a bang, but fizzled out towards the second half of the month due to weekend activities and the side effects from the second dose of the vaccine and then sheer laziness I think..LOL..Between cycling and running, I did clock more kms than July, in August – 100K, which was an achievement for me nevertheless. I also did some Yoga and did a lot of walking. I couldn’t finish my target of doing a 15K bike ride and a 10K run in August. Maybe I can do that in September?
  • I bought a gorgeous smelling candle from an account called Whispering Flames on Instagram and I light it every day for my dad..I love it πŸ’–
  • For our Belongg Library Network event of the month, we had a location wise Chapter wise collaboration on Clubhouse. The topic of discussion was : A Room of One’s Own: Books on Feminism and Intersectionality. It was fun, interesting and very informative. I will write a separate post about the Belongg Library initiative in India, their recent app – UnOther and some of the books that were recommended as part of our discussion πŸ™‚
  • I discovered a Boba Tea shop!!!! And wrote about it on my gratitude post last month…just look at my happy face! LOL πŸ˜€

Shows And Music Reviews for August:

I was looking for a good fantasy show to watch and a Bookstagrammer suggested this one. While I enjoyed the overall plot of the story, I thought the lead actress was terrible for the role of Nimue. There were so many times I almost laughed out loud at the scenes where she has to wield her sword or fight or even plot or command – it was a disaster. I thought some of the supporting cast were great though – like Pym, Sister Iris, The Weeping Monk (who has a major reveal in the end). So yeah, I won’t recommend the show for the leading lady, but the story was interesting.

My music band recommendation for August is this amazing Indian Indie band – The Yellow Diary. I am absolutely in love with their songs. I think their music would fall under the Alternative or Progressive Rock category and they sing in Hindi predominantly. A lot of their songs are on love and loss I think but there are some like Kashmir which is on a social issue as well. I love their sounds and lyrics and would recommend them, especially if you understand Hindi πŸ™‚

And that’s it, that was my wrap up post for August! I hope you enjoyed some of my recommendations. Tell me how your month went in the comments. Or let me know if you’ve read any of the books mentioned, or have any books, music, show recommendations for me πŸ˜€

Any writing, lifestyle and workout tips are welcome in the comments too :)πŸ€“

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