Gratitude Journal #1 – Boba Teas

I decided to start publishing my gratitude journals online now, so I could share some of my joys with all of you and hear about your joys and things you’ve been grateful for as well 🙂 The world really needs some joy and things to be thankful for lately, doesnt it? 🙂

This week, on Wednesday, I had an absolutely horrendous day at work. I’ve been assigned to a new project at work and it has been really tiring and stressful for me since I started two weeks back. Think 10-hour daily work days, back to back meetings, staring at the screen, listening to people on headphones, sitting on the chair, trying hard to keep up with the timelines and expectations, and trying hard to learn the new tools and processes and jargons.

I haven’t had sufficient time to do any of the things I need to do to keep my physical and mental health sane – running, cycling, dancing, reading, catching up with friends, writing. And now the frequency of my anxiety and panic attacks have increased at an alarming rate. Every morning I wake up anxious and bleary eyed. Every evening, I log off from my machine feeling spent, zombie like, and heavy headed. The only respite I get is a gadget less walk for 30-40 minutes in the night once I log off.

So, coming back to Wednesday, I felt like I had had enough of work. My head was reeling. I was upset because I had not been able to perform well. My stomach was upset because of odd hours of eating. I hadn’t been able to work out. But at 8 pm, when I was finally able to log off from work, I decided to go for a walk outside the society. Without my headphones. Just step out and see what people are up to.

It felt great as I started walking. I live close to where the night life gets going, so a lot of pubs and restaurants. Despite the fact that we’re still grappling with the Covid waves and variants, I saw people – young and old, out and about. Kids were playing, teenagers and twenty year olds were filling up the pubs and eateries, oldies were sitting on benches by the road or walking, cars and motorbikes were honking along and trying to overtake each other in a race to reach somewhere faster. All of it all made me smile. All the noise and the chaos was somehow more calming than the quiet conversations I had to listen to all day at my desk.

On my way back though, I stumbled upon a tiny little shop with a sign that said, ‘Butterflies and Boba: Boba Tea’! So guys, since the day I drank my first Boba Tea, probably fifteen years back in Sydney, I have been in love with this drink. Over the years abroad, in Singapore, UK and Australia, this tea had become a cure for hangovers, a meal in itself at times and post run energy drink. I have so many fond memories of feeling refreshed and recharged after having a Boba Tea!! But in Pune, I hadn’t been able to find a Boba tea outlet in years. I missed it a lot. So you can only imagine my excitement when I saw the shop!!!

It was 8:30 pm by then and the two ladies managing the shop were almost ready to close down. But they had no idea they’d have to endure a giggling, overexcited middle aged woman ordering Bobas and talking about her undying love for the drink and how coming across this shop had turned her day around!

After twenty minutes, I was back home. Loaded with two Boba teas – a classic milk Boba for me and a watermelon flavoured green tea Boba for my husband. And yes, I drank my Boba for dinner and I felt so grateful for that shop and this drink that Wednesday night. It made me forget all about my work day and all I thought of was how awesome it was that this shop had opened!! 😀

Has there been something you came across this week, yesterday or today that was completely unexpected but brought you joy? That you were grateful for? Do drop in your stories in the comments or send me a link if you decide to write your gratitude journal too 🙂 Lots of love, people and the Universe!!

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