#10MINADAY Challenge – Day 12: An Ideal Day

Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com

If someone had asked me this question maybe just ten years ago – “What would your ideal day be like?, I would have had a very detailed and specific answer ready.

But now, I feel that the word ‘ideal’ is an illusion. More of a fantastical notion than the word ‘fantasy’. So if you ask me now, about my ideal day, I’d say, it doesn’t exist. I know, I probably sound like a depressed pessimist. But I’d like to think of myself as a positive realist. What I can talk about is, a day which was good. Which has happened in the past and probably has the chance to occur in the future as well. A day that is better than the usual, normal, mundane, hectic days.

A day that is better than the others is when I get to be myself. When I have more time for myself and to spend with my family, without having to worry about the one million home and office chores that need my urgent attention. I would be by the beach, listening to the waves glide softly, watching the sunset. I’m a sunset kind of a person. My mornings are usually late and I can probably count on my fingers the number of sunrises I’ve seen in the 38 years of my existence.

There would be music somewhere – its not important what the source of the music would be. I’ll have a book with me, and a pen and a notepad. I’ll have a drink, preferably a beer if its hot and afternoon, or a mojito which isn’t too sweet. Beaches aren’t made for whiskey, but if I was surrounded by the cold mountains and the starry night sky for company instead, then I’d like to have a bonfire burning somewhere and music along with my whiskey, book, pen and paper.

I know this sounds like I’m happiest when I’m alone, with my vices and my passions. But that’s not the truth. I would want my best friends around, and my daughter too. But my day would also have me being able to spend time in my own company, probably at the end of the day. I’d have an adventure with my daughter in the morning, go for long walks and laugh at silly things. And later, once she has gone to bed, I’d spend the night just thinking, talking, dancing, reading, writing, and being. I’m blessed to have a few friends with whom I don’t need to talk and entertain constantly. We can be thoughtful together. But distances make it difficult for us to spend time together. So whenever that day comes that they’re around me, those automatically become my ‘better’ days.

My better days are the ones that make me feel at peace with myself and loved. My better days are the ones that make me feel grateful to be alive on this planet. My better days are the ones that make me feel inconsequential in the grand mystery of the Universe.

What would your ideal day look like? Tell me about it in the comments 🙂

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