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Oh, what is this longing?

To be rich, to have kids

To be single, but also want to mingle

To be desired, to be loved

To have my heart touched, but my body untouched?

This longing that began

When I was a child

From toys to boys and books about crooks

That I still cant seem to shake off my mind?

To be inebriated, until I’m indebted

To those magic potions and pills

To get my mind jaded, so that my longings are faded…

Why am I so obsessed

With being thin, have those abs?

But also eat, aren’t those carbs just fab?

Trying to change every facet of my being

To please every other being..

I long to be a feminist and not a conformist

But this darned longing to be loved by all

Suffocates me, my heart now pall

Oh, what is this longing?

To make fantasies real?

Shouldn’t I know

That the reality of life

Is to make fantasies lose their zeal?

A book I read once said,

Let go of your longings, your desires

They are just Moh and Maya

To be truly free, remove those yearning coloured lenses

Because that’s the only way, to Nirvana

But what is Nirvana?

If not the absence of longing?

Is it not the absence of everything

Of all my feelings

Happiness, love, heartbreak

Anger, desire, greed

Kindness, Empathy, Sympathy

And so I question this

over and over

Should I keep my longings?

Or turn into nothing

Should I live human?

Or turn into oblivion?

Composed by Starry Eyed Enigma πŸ™‚ If you enjoyed this poem or if it spoke to you, I would love it if you could share, like and comment πŸ™‚ Lots of love πŸ™‚

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