My Reading Life : Reality and Bookstagram

I was an avid reader as a child. Then I had this whole Mills and Boons phase when I was in college. And then there was this huge decade long gap when my reading was restricted to work emails and text messages.

Fast forward to 2016 when I became a mom and had a lot of ‘sitting time’. And when Facebook was on the rise for me too. I re-discovered my joy of reading, which now, five years later has turned into a very healthy obsession, I would say. However, now I also have a very active online reading life, which is also called ‘Bookstagram’.

I posted the picture above this morning on my Instagram/Bookstagram account with a question – what do you see when you look at this picture? Do you see a reader who was caught unawares on the shutterbug, or do you see a poser? 😉 I’d like to read your thoughts in the comment sections on that too.

Interestingly, most of my reader friends were able to guess the reality behind this picture. Looks like we’re all in the same boat 😀 So, here are a few things that are not quite as they seem to be as per my social media bookstagram account 😉 😀

First and foremost, if you ever see a picture of me reading a book on social media, then yes, you’re right – I have either had that picture taken using my phone’s timer option, or asked my five year old to click a dozen pictures before I get to one that looks decent enough to be posted, or I have cornered my husband into taking one in order to show his support for his wife’s reading endeavour, or I have caught an unsuspecting stranger to take a picture of me with the book as the prop. The last one usually never happens, but one can dream right?

If you think my ‘To-Read’ list and ‘Books-I’m-Supposed-To-Have-Read-This-Month-As-Per-Plan’ are all under control from my Bookstagram feed and that is making you hyperventilate about your own hot mess of a reading life, then let me break the truth for you here and make you feel better. I am a hot mess of a reader myself. I’m constantly changing my TBR at any given point in time and trying to read books in parallel and eventually end up reading nothing as per plan. But I guess that’s fun in a way?

My Bookstagram book mail posts scream that I support Independent stores and only buy books from them. Which is true, thank goodness, 90% of the times. But sometimes, I confess, I have given in and bought books from Amazon because I couldn’t wait or because a well meaning friend have given me an Amazon Gift Card (shrugs!). I know, I have sinned..

I maintain my book log in almost five different places – I have a notebook where I note down initial thoughts, then I update my reviews and currently reading status on Goodreads and Storygraph, then I add a video of random ramblings about the book I read on Instagram stories and finally I post a pretty picture of the book with my review. And yet, when I’m on a group discussion with my other bookish or non bookish friends and they ask me what I read recently or a book recommendation on a certain subject, I’m tongue tied. It is much later in the night, that the answers come rushing to me like the Randha Falls in Maharashtra. Sighhh..

My book hoarding habit is fuelled by Bookstagram. I see all those beautiful, aesthetic pictures by bookstagrammers and then the independent book sellers post pictures of beautiful covers of upcoming releases from my favorite authors or new authors to check out and I’m sold. Take my money, book capitalism!!

I have a few more confessions to make, but I’m not going to let all my secrets out of Pandora’s box now am I? Hehehe..How about you? Any bookish confessions you’d like to make in the comments about the truth about your Bookstagram/Online Reading Life? Go ahead, I won’t judge 😉

12 thoughts on “My Reading Life : Reality and Bookstagram

  1. Hii!! I am Chaitanya! I really enjoyed reading this post and this is me visiting your blog for the first time! What you say about photos being taken is so so so true!! I always annoy my sibling to take my photos with books haha!

    I love reading and I actually run a blog too! If you are free sometime, do drop by!

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    1. Hi Chaitanya!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog 😀

      It’s so funny the way we take pictures for bookstagram right? With all the props and lighting and what not. But its definitely worth the effort when other reader friends comment on your hard work.

      I’m so glad to hear you’re a reader too! A kindred spirit Id say. I’ll surely check out your blog 🙂 I’m assuming its the same as your handle? Happy reading!


      1. Yes this worked! Following you now and didn’t know you have a book tube too☺️ I’ll check them out too.. happy reading!


  2. I found you in this picture as Poser 😊 lol. I also used to read back in college and then in few years of job, then there was this huge gap. 4 years back, my elder sister (she is book worm) encouraged me to start again and from that time there is no turning back. Especially in COViD, I am reading 8-10 books per month. 😊

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    1. Oh wow..another reader who got back to reading! 🙂 I agree that reading is the one major thing that has been helping me get through the nightmare of this pandemic. Books give me hope and strength 🙂

      And yes, you’re right..I was posing for this picture 😉 haha

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  3. Hi Prachi, I have to admit that’s why I haven’t used Goodreads in so long. I’m afraid to look at my currently reading list 😭

    I love reading, but my TBR piles never seem to get smaller.

    I did pick up three new books (and read 2) recently, so that may be part of the problem 😂

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    1. Oh gosh don’t even get me started about the problem of buying new books all the time! I’m so obsessed with buying books that I end up purchasing at least a book or two even though I have so many unread books sitting on my bookshelf🙂

      One day I was telling my husband, I wish I could create clones of myself just so I could literally read and enjoy and remember reading books in parallel 😁


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