#10MIN10DAYS Challenge – Day 5 : Hearts

I signed up for the #10MIN10DAYS challenge hosted by a very talented writer and friend, Tammy. You can check our the original challenge and her writing blogs here.

It was an beautiful sound, the sound of the Stag’s beating heart, against the silence of mine. I could hear nothing, save the life coursing through the Stag. The moonlight gave the forest a black blue afterglow, but I didn’t need it to see where I was going. I may be blind, but my other senses compensated well enough for my lack of sight.

As I ran, the leaves rustled beneath my cloak. To others in the forest, I might sound just like a misplaced gust of wind. This happens in the forest. Nevertheless, I had to be quick with this one. I had to be stealthy. There were people looking for me – both earthly and ethereal.

The Stag was the most sought after animal in this forest. I know the humans grew up on stories of mythical creatures with great power – like the Dragon, the Phoenix, Sesh Naag – the hundred headed serpent, Unicorns, and what not. It was the best kept secret of our world, but now it was under threat, since that traitor had given up the power of the first Stag. The first kill. That had shattered the fine balance between our worlds.

Children from both sides were disappearing, or being born with abnormalities. I knew what caused this, but the others didn’t. Especially the clueless humans. But I had to save them from themselves. From their own cruelty.

I ran faster, I knew the Stag was afraid of me. It was right to be. We were even more mythical than the others. The ones who had no face, and no name. We were dangerous and could kill with the stealth of the deadliest assassins and could take any form we desired, if we were in danger. I was one of the last few of the dwindling race of the Vinaashis.

I pounced on the Stag and and put my fingers on its temples while whispering softly, “shhh..its going to be alright.” With that, like a breeze, I exchanged our hearts. Its alive, beating heart, with my non beating one.

“Go to sleep my dear friend. This will keep you safe until I return.” and with that, I disappeared into the night.

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