2020 – A Year of Mostly Failed Goals

I know it is quite pessimistic to start your first blog with a post titled – 2020: A Year of Mostly Failed Goals.

But, this blog is sacred to me and I’ve got to be honest here. I had lofty goals for 2020, and then the world went into a lockdown and I failed most of my lofty goals. That’s normal right? I’m proud to say however, that I used the word ‘mostly’. That means, I didn’t completely fail. Thats a big win for me 🙂

Here was my post about my 2020 Goals : Click Here, if you want to read the entire post 🙂

And here is a snapshot of what I did and didn’t achieve in 2020, if you don’t want to read my original post:

  • Buy an automatic car and learn to drive it : EPIC FAIL
  • Blog More : Hmm, If you see the detailed post, I didn’t do half of what I had planned to do with regards to blogging. But in December, I did create and add a header image for my blog and I’m really happy with it. I just wish it was better formatted. But for that, I might have to move to a self hosted site?
  • Write Daily : I didn’t. I wrote on some days, but I should’ve kept a track of how many days I actually wrote. That is going to be one of my goals in 2021
  • Get fitter and exercise more : I had a long list of activities for this goal, but again, this was a half – half kind of win. I did manage to keep up with an almost regular exercising schedule throughout the year, but I didn’t run or swim or dance as much as I had planned to
  • Read 6 books per month, aka read 72 books as part of the GoodRead’s challenge : I TOTALLY NAILED THIS ONE!!!! Woo Hooo!!
  • Other reading goals : I’ll do a separate wrap up post for this one, because reading is my soul and it needs a special blog dedicated to the wrap up 🙂
  • Run a half marathon : Nope, didn’t happen
  • Visit my mom and visit my sister in the US : The lockdown actually gave me the option to live almost an entire year with mom, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. For this, I am utterly grateful. However, the flip side was that I wasn’t able to meet my sister last year 😦 I hope that will be remedied this year
  • Go for another long trek : FAIL
  • Do more charity for kids : I wasn’t able to help children with respect to their learning journey as I had planned earlier in 2020, but I was able to make a few donations and I’m happy with that for now. I want to continue this into 2021 as well. I hope I’m able to bring some smiles in whatever way I can
  • Travel : I couldn’t travel like I had planned to, in 2020. But I did travel to my mom’s place in Odisha, I went to the Konark beach twice, and I wrapped up the year with a visit to Fratelli Vineyard in Maharashtra. I’ll write a blog about this soon too. So, it wasn’t so bad after all 🙂

That’s it folks! Some wins and a lot of misses. In hindsight, a lot of things that mattered, were done. And that’s what counts right?

Some Calvin Wisdom 😀

So even if you feel like you failed all your goals in 2020, or missed out on all the things you had planned, write a post like me, go back down the year and see for yourself, if there were some surprise joys and wins in 2020 after all 🙂

Happy New Year!! Now its time for 2021 life and reading goals. But, that’ll be another post. So stay tuned 😉

How was your 2020? Do drop me a link to your year of reflections post, if you write one. I’ll love to read it.

9 thoughts on “2020 – A Year of Mostly Failed Goals

    1. I agree.. I missed meeting my close friends and family too. I don’t like hanging out with a lot of people though and I was sort of glad that I didn’t have to be forced into doing that last year. I hope things get better in 2021☺️

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  1. I hope this new year will be better and you’ll achieve all your goals Prachi !!! Despite everything, I’m still glad I got to talk to you more personally, not just through blog comments 😊😊😊
    Happy reading in 2021 !!!!

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