Four Years of Blogging on WordPress!!

I just wanted to write this post to acknowledge my four year blogging anniversary with WordPress. I have been blogging since long before, almost ten years now. I was on blogspot earlier, before moving to WordPress. But I feel like the journey of blogging has been a really big and important part of my life all of these years. Yes, the platform has changed, yes my content has diversified, yes the technology has become fancier, but the way I feel when I write about something and the way I feel when some stranger reads my thoughts and tells me that they hear me, hasn’t changed a bit 🙂

So a big thank you for all the friends I’ve made so far via the blogging platform on WordPress. You can’t imagine how much some of your comments mean to me. A big thanks to all the people who take time to read about my random ramblings about travel, life and books 🙂 And a big thanks to WordPress for giving me a platform to write and share my thoughts 🙂 I hope to keep writing for many more years to come and I hope to make many new friendships via this writing journey.

My Posts four years back

My first post : Trip to Diveagarh

My first book review post: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

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