October 2020 TBR

Why are there soooo many amazing books releasing in the last quarter of the year??!!! I’m stuck in every book lover’s dilemma – the question of how to read all of these books in the limited time that I have. Any great magical solutions guys? I’m all ears 😀

I know we’re already almost halfway through October and to think that I’ve not even tackled half of my TBR this month! Magic! I need some serious magic in my life. So here’s a list of all the books I want to read in October 🙂

  • The Scaredycat readathon selections (also subject to change, based on delivery of actual books)
    • Prompt 1: Books that you’re scared of reading (due to any reason)
      • I chose The Dragon Republic for this one, because it will serve two objectives. One, Ill be able to finish it as part of the October month reading schedule for The Poppy War readathon, and two, the prompt since I’m sure Im going to be in tears by the end of this book
    • Prompt 2: Books that you’re scared into reading, because FOMO:
      • Throne of Glass – I might have to read this on kindle though, but super excited because I’m buddy reading this with a friend. However, I’m not sure if we will actually start it this month!
      • The Graveyard Book – I actually just finished this one and loved it! The only book I’ve managed to finish this month..ahem
    • Prompt 3: Books that you’re scared by (like actual spooky stuff)
      • I picked Mexican Gothic for this one. I really wanted to read the hardcover, but looks like I’ll have to settle for the kindle version of the book
  • Unravel the Dusk – Book 2 of the Spin The Dawn duology and I’m really looking forward to buddy read this with an amazing group of readers! I also have the hardcover of the book, so it couldn’t get better 🙂
  • A Curse so Dark and Lonely – I received the paperback last week and will be reading this as the BooksOnToast book club pick for the month 🙂
  • These, our bodies possessed by Light – Another JCB shortlist title that I own and really need to read
  • Anxious People – This would be my first Frederick Backman and readers have said nothing but super reviews about the book and I can’t wait to dive into this one!
  • The Bone Shard Daughter – Now this is one that I’ll have to take a call on. I ordered the physical copy of the book from a bookstore, but it seems it won’t reach me this month. But the book is also a pick of The Book Clinic’s book club BOTM and I do want to dive into the discussions. Should I also get a kindle copy or listen to it on StoryTel or Audible?
  • Light Fantastic – This is the second book from the discworld series and funnily, the one I skipped because I went straight ahead to read Equal Rites and Mort after I finished The Colour of Magic. Also, this is Sharin’s pick for The Shiny Happy book club this month, so will be double the fun to dive into the crazy world of disc world characters again! And then, when I return back to Pune, I’d have Sourcery waiting for me 😉
  • Hyperbole and a Half – A dear friend introduced this book to me two days back and we decided to buddy read it rightaway! And I’m having such a laugh reading it so far! It’s a total blast!

So, there you go. It’s 12th October today so I technically have 20 days to read 10 books. Which means, two books a day. Magic, I tell you. I need some magic in my life..LOL 😀

What do you guys think? Can I read all the books I’ve set out to read? Do you also have an equally lofty reading goals this month?

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