Stay at Home Series – Episode 7 : Conversations with Family

Let me give you a little background first. Us Indians usually have big families. Earlier, not pre-covid times, but many years back, all of the family members used to live together. We called this joint family. Yes, completely useless for concepts like peace of mind and personal space and privacy, but super great for receiving lots of love and support. But then the kids got smarter or selfish, whichever way you want to put it, moved out and formed smaller nuclear families. We would still meet the ‘full extended family’ on festivals and occasions like marriage.

Now there are no festivals and no large scale marriages, no thanks to Mr. Covid. So most of us are stuck with our nuclear families, locked in, inside our little homes. However, there are some lucky ones like moi, who traveled, nuclear family and precious work laptops in tow, to their hometown. Because – work from home, and I was missing mom.

It struck me one day, that I haven’t had a face to face and FaceTime conversation with my whole family at the same time, in the longest time. And now, it has become the norm. Every Sunday morning.

Mom: “What did you eat today?”

Sis on FaceTime: “Umm, Coffee, Vitamin water, eggs, a packet of chips, jerkies..So, how’s it going there big sis?”

Me: “Same as yesterday. Same as tomorrow. I’m actually doing pretty good all things considered.”

Four year old: “Mummy, look! look! Look at this vi-di-yo!! Look mummy! Look!”

Me: “Arey what do you want me to look at? Can’t you wait till I finish talking to your auntie?”

Husband: “Chew faster! How much time can a person take to chew and swallow chocos?”

Four year old: CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP..”Look Papa, I’m trying-uh!!”

Cousin sis: “What are you watching these days?”

Sis: “I’ve finished watching all the shows on this planet. Now I’m watching news. I cant decide whether to be depressed or hysterical at this point. What are you guys watching?”

Cousin sis: “Umm, you know, the usual. A mix of mom’s Hindi drama serial, The Boys on Prime and Disney Princess movies…”

Husband: “How’s it in your country?”

Sis: “What do you mean? Are you asking about the pandemic, or the racism, or the hurricanes or the fires?”

Me: “We used to think your country tops the conspiracy theorists chart. But now we have suicide and pandemic conspiracy theories. We might be heading into war soon. Can’t say which tension is greater though. The one with the actors or the one at the border or the one that’s omnipresent..Not God, I meant, the virus.”

Husband: “Your sister always had a knack for being over dramatic.”

Sis: “Where did mom go?”

Mom: “Arey, you all were discussing things, so I went to do my puja. So, what will you eat for lunch? I’m making Chicken Biryani for lunch today. We’re missing you. When will you be able to come here, like your sister?”

Sis: “Mom, I don’t know when I can come. Between the virus and the visa situation, I have no idea. Maybe next year.”

Cousin sis: “They’re saying next year will be worse. Come now, so we can all have the never-ending discussions about food and menu. LOL”

Four year old: “My favorite food is Noodles!! Mummy, LOOK!! Look at Elsa’s dress! This is the one I was talkin’ about! LOOK MUMMY!!”

Me: “Yes yes, I’m looking! Yes, very pretty..beautiful!”

Me: “So, what else?”

Sis: “Gosh don’t bore me dude”

Husband: Secretly smiling and rolling eyes

Mom: “Today your aunt is making dahi vadas. She said if you had been here, it wouldve been so good. You should give her a call. These days are so unpredictable. So what will you cook for dinner? Don’t eat chips. That’s not food. Why don’t you cook like your auntie’s son, you cousin brothers? They live alone too, but look, how nice they’re cooking and putting pictures on Facebook. “

Me: “Yes sis, why aren’t you cooking, dude?” <Evil elder sis dialogue>

Sis: “I’ll kill you”

Husband: “Any news on the vaccine in your country?”

Me: “I doubt she is keeping track of the vaccine news.”

Sis: “Guys, I gotta go. I need to fill my timesheets. Talk later.” Bee Bop.

Mom: “So, Chicken Biryani for lunch, or should I make something else with it? What about some caramel custard?”

Me: “Or we could just go and get ice cream?”

Mom: “Hau!!! No one is going to go out! And Ice cream?!! During the pandemic? You’ll catch a cold!! These ridiculous, useless children of mine.”

Cousin sis: “Are we going to drink tonight?”

And the conversation carries on and on and on… šŸ˜€

I hope you enjoyed this unassuming post on a very generic conversation and could relate to parts of it šŸ™‚ I’d love to hear about your conversations with families (if they’re not private that is), in the comments below šŸ™‚

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