101 Stories in 101 Words : a collection of shorts by Neha Mediratta – Thoughts

Let me start with the good stuff:

1. Each story is just 101 words
2. If you’re on the India Kindle Unlimited, you can download it for free!
3. Even though the stories are short, some of them pack a punch with their endings

This collection of a 101 short stories was a treat to read. Especially if you’re into short stories, or are looking for a book by an Indian author, or want to support a new and upcoming author, or going through a reading slump and can’t keep your focus for longer than a paragraph, this is the book for you.

The stories touch upon a variety of subjects, so there isn’t a theme as such. Some stories are violent, some sweet. Each story is titled alphabetically. There is a small image attached to each story, but I couldn’t figure out the meaning behind the image. Maybe a question to ask the author one day 🙂

A super short review/book thought keeping in line with the 101 worded short stories 🙂 Hope you enjoy the stories if you get around to reading them.

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