Stay at Home Series – Episode 5 : May Wrap Up

I should try and change the name of these series, since with the easing of the lockdown, ‘Staying at home’ may not be a given now. Yes, yes, don’t worry…I will not be going out without my masks, I’ll be sanitizing myself and the products I collect and Ill be maintaining social distance 🙂

Usually, I try to aim high with all my goals each month. But I never achieve all of them. My logic however is that if I aim for the Everest, at least I’ll make it to the bottom of the peak. And so, that’s how this month went really – I underperformed in all my goals, but I made it at least half way through, so yay for that! 😀

Books I read:

I had plans of reading 7-8 books in May, including a couple of BOTM and book club selections. But instead, I ended up reading 4 books. I’m happy to say that I loved all the books I read and all of them were either 4 or 5 star rating for me, with a crazy obsession for the Mo Dao Zu Shi universe! 😀

  1. There’s something about Sweetie by Sandhya Menon
  2. Brief answers to the big questions by Stephen Hawking
  3. Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of demonic cultivation (English translation via GDC Online) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (obsessed, literally obsessed!!) – I’ll add a fan girl review one day maybe but you can check out my GR review here
  4. Mad, bad & dangerous to know by Samira Ahmed

Shows I watched

I literally just watched two shows in May. My version of binge watching them though, considering I dedicated 1.5 hours each night in the month of May and exchanged screen pleasure for dark circles :D. Both these shows are available on Netflix with English subtitles and I was hooked to both of them. The Untamed topped the list though. Even the music composition by Lin Hai is brilliant. If you want to check out what I’m talking about, see the composition – Wuji by Lin Hai on apple music 🙂

  • The Untamed (Chinese adaptation of MDZS book that I’ve mentioned above)
  • Cinderella with the four knights (Korean adaptation of another book of the same name it seems)


Well, I think blogging was quite non existent in the month of May, but I had signed up for the ‘Story a Day- May 2020’ writing challenge. I wrote daily and was going strong till about 20th May I think, but towards the last few days, I completely lost my mojo and just couldn’t get myself to write. But still, I’m glad I participated since I got to meet so many lovely writers through this group and learned so many new things about writing and my own writing process 🙂 This is still WIP, but I’ve got a draft of around 20 stories that I could come back to one day 🙂

Random Life Updates

Hmm, so lets see, May was a really sad month in terms of the global crisis. There haven’t been any improvements or breakthroughs in the Covid situation and to add to it, we witnessed a horrible incident of racism yet again that sparked instant riots in America and global indignation. We saw a favorite author tweet transphobic comments. We saw hundreds of homeless and poor in India still trying to migrate to their hometowns and suffer – so news was crap. There was one positive news for me with the successful launch of SpaceX’s rocket to space 🙂

I took my daughter out for the first time in 2.5 months in May, to collect a delivery. You should have seen the delight on her face. It was a 10 minute outing tops and she had to wear an over sized mask. But its really amazing how nothing can dampen a child’s spirit and positivity, because she kept laughing and jumping and pretending to be a superhero in a mask the entire 10 minutes! Now the lockdown has relaxed a bit so she gets to take her bicycle down, but that first time was just epic!

I didn’t learn how to cook anything new. And I still hate cooking. LOL 😀

My indoor running plan was a complete bust. So my workouts consisted of mopping, household chores and dancing with my daughter at home. I guess not being able to cook and eating the bare minimum helped offset the lack of exercise, since I lost 1 kg this month 😀 😉

And that’s a wrap!! I don’t think I had a very terrible month in May in hindsight 🙂 I know the lockdown will relax and things will get better but we all need to support each other and stay positive I guess, even if its really hard 🙂

How was your month of May and what are your plans in June? 🙂

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