Heir of Fury (Roxanne Fosch Files #3 – Finale) by Jina S. Bazzar – Thoughts

I have a special relationship with the Roxanne Fosch books, because this was the first fantasy/sci-fi ARC that I had reviewed as a blogger. I had put my heart and soul into reading and reviewing the books in this series and chatting with the author, Jina, who is an amazing human being and a very modest and hard working author as well. I had to say this, because I have tried my best to not let my feelings get into the way of my reviews, but I might end up being partial to this series because of my history with Roxanne. πŸ™‚ Just saying πŸ˜€

Trigger Warnings: lots and lots of violence

Heir of Fury is the final book from the trilogy. Roxanne has come a long way from the first book – Heir of Ashes. She started as a fugitive. Hunted by everyone. Hardly trusting anyone. Coming to terms with her abandonment. Seeking a million answers about her past, about who she really is. Struggling to trust anyone because of the horrors she has gone through. She felt a lot like Jessica Jones to me and I loved her from the start.

Now in the finale, Roxanne has got her feet on the ground. She has grown up from the scared child on the run, afraid of letting anyone in to a ruthless fighter. She has found the answers to a lot of her questions and found out who her allies are and who her enemies are. She might have even found a potential love interest. But now, she has much bigger things to worry about. Like losing her soul being Remo Drammen’s familiar and being forced to carry out his evil work. Will she survive? Will she be able to defeat Remo? Will she be able to live a normal life with the person she loves? And what/who will she have to sacrifice in order to get the ending she wants? We get the answers to all these questions in the action packed finale of the series.

I agree with another blogger who recently reviewed the book, that in the starting few chapters, the pace of the story is quite slow. It does feel a little info-dumpy and even all the helpful definitions of the runes and sigils or symbols at the start of the book, don’t ease out the amount of information that is given for each ritual. Sometimes it can get confusing for readers too, if you’re used to a single genre. Since this series is a mix of fantasy and science fiction both. But once you get a hang of it, its doesn’t bother much.

The finale has a lot, and I mean a lot of action. And really gory action. Picture Wolverine tearing down his enemies. Something like that, with a lot more gore I think. The entire series is in fact packed with action and some really detailed fight scenes. So if action is your thing, you might enjoy this series.

Roxanne is relentless. But even though she is a preternatural being, she feels very human. Her best friends are humans after all. I loved the return of some of my favorite characters in the finale – Zantry, Diggy, Vicky, Mwara, Dathana and my favorite of all, Frizz. I also mourned the loss of some of the characters as much as Roxanne does. I won’t let out any spoilers, but I cried in that last scene. But there are a lot of other characters and multiple worlds, dimensions, that I didn’t feel connected to as much. Like the Sidhe queens or the Enclave members. The hunters – Roland maybe was OK, but I found all the side characters and new characters that were introduced in the finale too many to keep track of. That over whelmed me a little.

All in all, I enjoyed this series a lot and will miss the gritty and relentless Roxanne.

Note: This book was released on 29th April 2020 and I think the first book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited in India at least..if you want to give it a try πŸ™‚

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