I’m Participating in Story a Day May – 2020!!

I’ve been participating in the Story a Day May and September challenges since two years now. And similar to how I fared with my last two NaNoWriMos, I always start well, and then somewhere down the line, lose focus and forget to keep up. Last time I participated, I managed to write 15 out of 30 stories, some alright and some awful I think 😀

What is Story a Day?

Story a Day is a writing challenge that was started by Julie Duffy (you can check out her website here), to encourage writers to write more and build a sustainable writing practice. She sends out a prompt daily, if you subscribe for the challenge, for the whole month. You can go away and write your story, and choose to publish it on your blog or any other platform or just share them with the other participants on her website. and the best part is, the prompts and the challenge is FREE!!!

Story A Day Super Stars:

This time, I’ve gone a step ahead and made this serious for myself. I’ve invested financially to hold myself accountable to write more, and hopefully in the process, learn more. So I’ve signed myself up for the Super Stars group!! I’m nervous and excited at the same time and I have no idea if I’ll be able to stick to this, but I really want to. I know I’ll give it my most sincere shot for sure.

That probably means less Netflix and more writing..heh heh 😀

So, wish me luck guys! And if you’re participating in the Story A Day challenge too in May, do let me know how its going. I’d love to read your stories if you want to share them with me too 🙂 And maybe, I will share some of my stories here on the blog, from time to time 🙂

8 thoughts on “I’m Participating in Story a Day May – 2020!!

  1. Good luck, Prachi!!! I’m sure you’re going to rock it 😀 and thanks for sharing! It’s so cool there are challenges like this!

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    1. Thanks Akshaya! Yeah I came across this two years back too and it has done wonders for my interest in writing so far.. let me know if you decide to join in this month too☺️

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  2. Ah, I hadn’t heard about Story a Day before, but I’m glad I did now. It sounds like so much fun. Good luck with it! And I’d love to read your stories, if you decide to publish them on the blog hehe 😝

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    1. Thanks a lot Nikita! Maybe you’ll join me in September☺️
      Yes, I’ll try and publish one or two. They advice not publishing the better ones since once published on the blog, it can’t be sent to anyone.. but then I’m not that great yet.. lol Just practising for now!

      On a separate note, I wanted to ask you, do you live in India or abroad?


      1. Ugh, sorry about the late replies. I reply to all the comments in my head and forget to do it fr lol.

        Hehe, I will probably join you in September lol.

        Okay, I’d love to read them 😍 Ah, that makes sense, but I have a feeling that anything you write is gonna be great!

        And I live in India. I guess you live in India too?

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      2. Hahaha no pressure right? Lol.. maybe I’ll post one soon. Also, thank you for supporting my writing endeavour.. you’re an online friend and still way more supportive than my own family! 🥰

        Yeah I’m in India too! I asked because I wanted to check if you’re getting physical copies of books from any site where I can order from too these days?


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