Stay at Home Series – Episode 2: Dalgona Coffee and MasterChef Fails

Did you guys see that clickbait title?!!! Eh eh eh 😉 Dalgona Coffee seems to be all the rage lately. I don’t blame people. Apparently, you need one of those mechanic mixers or use ALL of your day time and energy in whipping up that 1:1:1 ratio of coffee, sugar and water, into a thick, sticky, frothy looking mix. Then you add it as a topping on iced milk, and then, take the following steps:

  • Take an Instagram worthy picture – because, it does look delicious doesn’t it??
  • Mix the whole goddamn thing and drink it like a normal cold coffee!! Say What?!!

Yeah, you do all of that, so that you can take that picture and drink that cold coffee. Can’t complain though. It guarantees Instagram fandom and likes, and you also get to use your pent up energy and free time, whipping that thing up!! (What’s that song – I whip my hair round and round..something like that right? Play that in the background for extra points 😀)

However, friends, despite all the wise ass comments above, and the recipe of making said Dalgona coffee (which I lifted from YouTube by the way), I did not make the coffee. Because, I, am one of those people, who now has quadruple the work she used to have before the lockdown (I’m sure, many of you can relate to this), and don’t even have time to watch my favorite shows on Netflix! I actually stay up later than usual, just so I can catch up on my reading..LOL right? 😀

So yeah, I didn’t have the time to whip that thing up. Sorry to disappoint :/

Now, we come to the next part – Lockdown MasterChef experiences. Have you been on Instagram lately? If yes, have you seen the rush of innovative stay at home cooking pictures from your friends?!! Yep, I’ve seen everything from lauki kebabs (lauki is bottlegourd by the way), to beans on toast, to eggs on yogurt, to a detox diet consisting of chia seeds in water, on my Instagram feed since the last week or so.

I don’t have a problem or issue with these posts, don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of friends who are exceptional cooks and own their cafes. The problem is, I’m a terrible cook. A TERRIBLE COOK. And I’m always hungry. I have a strange relationship with food. I live to eat. So I’m one of those exceptions of a foodie who loves food but cant cook like the MasterChefs, or like any chef to be honest. I can just about cook to survive.

So before the lockdown, I would look at these drool worthy creations from my talented friends, and straight away like the picture and promptly invite myself over to their place, on the promise of being fed said delicious food. Or I would order in. Or, we would go out to one of those fancy restaurants for dinner, or lunch. Now you can just imagine, the ordeal I must be going through. Failing at all my masterchef attempts (ok no, I don’t even try, since I don’t want to waste the limited grocery I have, creating something inedible 😀), and having my tummy rumble every time my friends post a yummy picture of food they created at home!!! SOB! 😦

Now, where is that packet of banana chips I bought…hmmm….All this talk about food has made me hungry again. So, until next time, happy cooking and eating!

Now to the fun part,

Tell me what are you guys doing? Are you terrible cooks like me and feeling forever hungry during this lockdown, or are your a master chef , who was just waiting for his/her chance to shine? 😀

Also, don’t send me any recipes. I wont cook. You could come over with some food though..I wont mind and will definitely treat you with normal Dalgonas please 😀

4 thoughts on “Stay at Home Series – Episode 2: Dalgona Coffee and MasterChef Fails

  1. Ha! I’m not a terrible cook, I do love baking, but, I’m with you on that time shrank with the lock down. I don’t even have time to make the cookies I usually make – so I’m not even looking for new ones 😉

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  2. I am yet a beginner in the field of baking, but hoping to get somewhere in the future. I just love sweet things!! So my baking days will probably be filled with cupcakes and macarons. Have you ever attempted making macarons?

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    1. I wish you all the best!! I’m sure you’ll become an expert if you end up enjoying the process of baking☺️

      I’ve never even baked a cake. I think I tried once with my husband in the early days of our marriage trying to impress him, and it turned out rock hard lol… he politely told me maybe it’s better if we visit that coffee shop that you’ve always been talking about instead lol.. so yep, never tried making anything else that is considered dessert🙃

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