Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi – Thoughts

This is an illustrated novel that people should read. Just another of those books that simplifies something complex so that its easily digested by the common reader and doesn’t leave them feeling upset or with a stomach ache. But does leave them with slightly more information, understanding and knowledge about one misunderstood and highly judged country in the world – Iran.

Persepolis – the complete edition, is the author – Marjane Satrapi’s fictional account of her life and stay in Iran, based on actual facts and experiences. The book is split into two parts – Part 1 – A Childhood and Part 2 – The Return. She leaves Iran twice in her lifetime. Once, due to forced circumstances in an effort by her parents to give her a better life. And the second time, of her own volition.

Although people will think this book is about Iran, it isn’t really. It is a coming of age story about a little Iranian girl growing up in Iran, then about her short stay in Austria, coming back to Iran and then finally leaving for Paris. It is a story about the challenges an intelligent and outspoken girl and woman goes through in the world and in her lifetime.

So, here are the reasons I liked this book so much and recommend it to everyone to read 🙂

1. Everyone knows just about the extreme Islamic rule of Iran. But do we know about Iran’s real history? About its King, its Prime Minister? How it came to be? No? Then a good book to start with for beginners

2. We think all Islamic states are all about subversion of its people, especially their women. They probably don’t have a life, we think. Actually, we’re wrong. The author herself states that Iranians led a sort of dual life and a lot of them fight to maintain their rights and freedom. Read the book to know more about what I’m talking about

3. The book touches upon the daily fight of a nation’s people against religious extremism and freedom of expression, while keeping their faith intact

4. This is a book for feminists, or one that touches upon gender inequality as well. Gender inequality and discrimination is global. If you have any doubts about it, read this book

5. It’s a coming of age story about a girl full of spirit and ideas. If you’ve ever felt beat down by others regarding your ideologies, read this book. It will give you a renewed sense of purpose to continue to speak up and speak out

All in all, I’m glad I read this book. I might check out it’s screen adaptation too, if I get my hands on it🙂

Have you guys read this book? What were your thoughts?

Whats your favourite illustrated book?

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