Saris and the City by Rekha Waheed – Thoughts

I skim read this book, once I was half way through and realised I wasnt invested in the story or any of the characters at all. For me, that’s as good as DNF-ing the book. This book was one of the South Asian Reading Challenge backlist BOTM for February and I really wanted to like this, but I guess not all books can be great all the time😊🤷‍♀️

I had multiple issues such as

1. Couldn’t relate the story to the Title of the book at all

2. All the conversation on equity and lingerie fashion were lost on me

3. I felt the writing too simplistic and the plot rushed. For example, a lot of the characters who are supposed to be close to the protagonist were completely forgotten in the majority of the book and some new characters replace them. I couldnt figure out how easily Ella could replace Mia

4. How is it that you work in an organisation and dont even realise till the end that your bosses are related? Rich and famous people’s lives are all over the internet all the time!

5. The romance was absolutely flat for me. I could not see the chemistry between the leading pair at all. In fact, even I felt, that for most of the time, our protagonists were just looking at each other’s physical attributes than anything deeper

6. I was angry with the protagonist and her friends for not standing up for each other.

So overall, I didnt like this book that much and won’t recommend it for romance, or fiesty leading female character or for strong friendships.

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