Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones – Thoughts

No book is really worth reading at the age of ten, which is not equally, and often, far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond – C.S. Lewis

Although I’m not fifty yet, I’m learning to appreciate the wise words of C.S Lewis, now that I have discovered and loved the children’s fantasy books written by authors like Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett only in my late 30s!!

Would you believe that until I received this book last year as a surprise birthday present in my mailbox from a dear pen pal, I had neither heard of the author, nor the book?! Well, it’s true. But, I feel very lucky that I’m still a book virgin when it comes to so many amazing books and authors that my heart fills with excitement just thinking about all these unread books!! So a huge thank you to my friend, to start with! She had already introduced me to the Invisible Library series and now this 😊

What I really enjoyed about the book were the delightful characters, a completely unusual love story, absolutely obnoxious yet believable fantasy elements and of course, the moving castle!

I realised that one of my favourite themes in books I enjoy and love is humour. The whackier, quirkier and crazier it is, the better. Which is why I enjoyed The Hitchiker’s series and enjoying Terry Pratchett so much! Some of the dialogues and scenes in the story were downright funny! The scene with the enlarged suit was so funny that I spilt a little of the coffee I was having while reading it! No no, the book was safe. Only my top was soiled a little.. no need to panic 😝

I felt like this was just not a silly fantasy love story, but that there were elements of feminism, classism and exploitation that were subtly addressed in the book too. Although I related to Sophie the most, being the eldest in my family too, my favorite character was Calcifer the demon.

I also loved all the little nicknames that Howl comes up for Sophie’s nosy attitude throughout the book. They were so cute!

So now, next on the agenda is to watch the Anime adaptation of the book, so I can relish the magic a little longer😀😍

Questions to you guys:

What is a favorite childhood fantasy series or book of yours?

Have you recently discovered a book thay had been around since ages b it you only just found out about it and loved it?

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