Top Ten Tuesdays : 10 Reasons I chose books to be my Valentine 😍🥰

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and published every week on a Tuesday where readers can post about their top 10s for the week’s topic😊. Top Ten Tuesday (created and hosted by  The Broke and Bookish) is now being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is: Love Freebie

I haven’t read a lot of romances in the last three years. A problem which I’m sure will be resolved this year, considering all the romances I’ve been reading and enjoying – either obvious romance books or romances in the bigger picture of a fantasy story book.

However, I don’t have enough moolah to talk bookish romance for this week’s tag. So instead, I’m going to tell you about the Top 10 reasons why I think it’s easier to fall in love with books than with a real being (unless they’re related to you or are your pet 🤪)

1. You don’t need to make an appointment for a date with your book. They’re always available.

2. Your book cannot cheat on you. They just don’t have the spine for that.. got the pun? Eh? Eh? Ok ok, don’t unfollow me please! 😳🤓

3. A book will never judge you. No matter how ugly or fat or awkward or strange you are. You know the book is going to be there on that shelf of yours for as long as you will have them.

4. A book will never say mean things to you. Yeah, sometimes you’ll get frustrated at the book, you’ll yell at them, slam them down, even DNF them! But the book worships you, their reader. It knows you’re their soulmate. It will never answer back. Unless AI becomes so advanced that they make talking books. Not the audible ones. Books with opinions. Hey, that’s a good idea for a story! I’ve copyrighted it now! Lol

5. A book looks good no matter where you have your date. A coffee shop, a drink at the pub, a night out with girlfriends, a double date at a book club, at the park, on the bus, even in the loo!

6. This one is for the married people who have really boring love lives. You can exchange books!! And not be shunned by society for it!! Since it’s hard to exchange partners .. ahem. No, I’ve never thought of exchanging my partner.. not once! 😉

Readers while reading point 6 😂

7. You won’t be stuck with just one type of relationship when you’re in love with books. You want to run away with a bad boy, you’ll find a book for that! You want to have a quiet romantic evening with a stable kind of guy? There’s a book with that character! You’re not straight and don’t want to come out of the closet yet? Well, there are books which have exactly the kind of girl or guy you’re looking for😉❤️

8. Books are always there for you. Like that song from Friends?! There’s a book to get you through the best times of your life and the worst time of your life. There are books that can guide you and uplift you. And they never get tired of listening to you. Even if you water them down with your tears or stain them with your coffee or French fries oil. They’ll stick around. Always..

9. Well, love has to be a little shallow too sometimes. And some books are Just. So. Pretty!!!! Ugh, I could stare at those beautiful covers for ages!! And the smell of a new book!! To die for!

10. And for the last number, since I cant say finally or lastly, as I’m sure there are a million more reasons why falling in love with books is easier and better than anything else, books are a very good way to protect yourself, especially if you’re a woman or a girl. I know for one that no one dares to mess or approach me when I’m with a book lol

I hope you enjoyed my silly take on this week’s Top Ten – the book love freebie! I would love to hear about your reasons to fall in love with a book as well!! Or your TTT for the week as well! Have a lovely week darling readers!!!❤️💓🥰

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays : 10 Reasons I chose books to be my Valentine 😍🥰

    1. Lol! I find that especially true when your years into your marriage and your partner feels like your sibling 😂 All the romance and excitement I need, I get it from books 😊


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