Top Ten Tuesday : The Ten Recent Additions To My Bookshelf

This is my first TTT post!!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and published every week on a Tuesday where readers can post about their top 10s for the week’s topic😊. Top Ten Tuesday (created and hosted by  The Broke and Bookish) is now being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is: The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf

And here’s my list😊📚. I haven’t included the kindle purchases and audible purchases in this list. My list literally includes the latest additions to my physical book shelf, some read and some yet to be read.

  • A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab – I bought this collector’s edition hardcover this month which is the finale of a most interesting series and currently reading this!


  • The Secret Garden By Frances H Burnett – I bought this beautiful classic edition from an online Indian Indie supplier. Looking forward to reading this one!


  • Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones – I received this book as a present from my pen friend! I’ll be reading this in Feb as part of my unread shelf project challenge 😊


  • Dark Things by Sukanya Venkatraghavan – I had bought this book last year but it counts as an addition to my bookshelf since I don’t buy a lot of physical copies usually. I had really enjoyed reading this romance fantasy story by an Indian author.


  • Sourcery by Terry Pratchett – The fifth of the discworld books that I recently borrowed from our library to try and catch up with my pen friend’s reading of the series so we can laugh along together!


  • A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab – I have all the three books in the collector’s edition now. Had bought this one in December last year and absolutely loved the sequel.


  • Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill – I had bought this book last year from a book exhibition that was hosted in our office campus. Interesting read and collection of poetry and short stories on feminism


  • Stephen King On Writing – This was a book I had bought in November last year from a local bookstore to inspire me for NaNoWriMo. And I still haven’t started reading it 🙈 Ahem


  • Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal – I had bought this book in the same book exhibition and will probably be reading this as part of the south Asian reading challenge this month since I’m not able to buy the new release BOTM choice 😏


  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman – And the last but not the least, recent addition to my physical bookshelf, was this Neil Gaiman book which I bought from our local bookstore on sale. I’ve read it and was absolutely blown over by the story and the concept in the book. It was mind blowing stuff!! I’m finding it harder to get into the screen adaptation of the book though..



So, those were my most recent physical additions to my book shelf. What were yours?

Have you read or plan to read any of these books?

When you hear the word ‘bookshelf’, do you automatically think physical bookshelf or can it be a collection of all formats of books that you recently acquired? 😊📚

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday : The Ten Recent Additions To My Bookshelf

    1. Thanks Deb! My friend said the same in her letter when she sent me the book, it’s one of her favourite series and she wanted me to experience it too! Looking forward to reading it😊


    1. I read your version of the TTT.. and some of those places looked heavenly 🥰
      But I couldn’t find a place to post a comment, so doing it here instead 😊


    1. Yeah I think you’ll like it.. it’s a single book story, heavy on Southern Indian mythical characters and a lot of romance as well.. and a central character who is quite dark. Lots of twists in the story too.. the ending was slightly confusing and felt like too much information but you can easily finish the book in one sitting.. but I’ll be interested to know if you liked it if you do pick it up😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm the southern Indian myth definitely interests me… I don’t read dark books a lot but reading such an Indian perspective of dark should be interesting… good to know there’s lot of romance.. always up for that 😍😍😍
        I’ll definitely let you know if I pick it up 👍👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha yeah in an interview, the author said she hadn’t intended it to be a romance fantasy but seems like readers and her editors pegged it in that category so she said, ok then lol

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      1. Let me know when you want to read it by putting in a comment here. I’d say sooner rather than later, or we’ll forget about it again amongst all the other exciting books to read! That always happens with me🤓🙂


  1. Ha! Right now I’m behind on ARCs. I’ll be reading those through most of March. Maybe we can pencil it in for April??

    On a different subject, I’ve been trying to follow your blog, but I keep getting a message that says my email address is invalid. I also have a WordPress account, so it’s weird that’s happening. I’m new to the blogging world, so this is the first time this has happened to me. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? 😉

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