2020 Plans – The year of trying to do more and give more

Happy New Year everyone!!!!


I am trying to raise my inner Hermione and figure out a way to get one of those time turning clocks so that I can achieve all of these things – some new and some carried forward from last year, in the year 2020! We will see what went down 365 days later šŸ˜‰ (I know this is a leap year but I’m not counting today ok?! Don’t get smart with me now lol)

So, here are my lofty goals for this year:

  • Buy that darned automatic car and learn to drive already! Learning to drive and driving my own car is soon turning out to be on of those death bed/bucket list wishes from the way this task keeps getting spilled onto every new year šŸ™„


  • Blog more.
    • Try and publish at least 2 posts per week.
    • Host a few book giveaways
    • Visit more blogs and comment more on other friend’s blogs.
    • And jazz up my own blog. At least create a separate page to track all those reading challenges!!
  • Practice writing daily


  • Get fitter and more active by continuing to run more, swim more, dance more, exercise more and play more basketball (I’m kidding, I don’t play basketball, but had signed up for the classes last month which might continue in this year) – All this so I can eat and drink like I want to.. ahem


  • Read 6 books per month! I couldn’t believe when I saw that I had managed to read 5 books a month last year! So will I be able to up my reading game and read more?!
  • Join a few reading challenges. I’ve already thought I’ll continue my personal Goodreads challenge and the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenges. In addition to these, I want to read all the BOTM from my goodreads book club – Kick Up Your Heels and I have signed up for Project 2020, which is a new challenge hosted by Whitney (you can access the blog here) but one that I desperately needed. This challenge gets you to read some of the unread books from your shelves or donate them away if you’re not able to finish them in that month. I want to read more new releases but I’m also looking out for more interesting challenges or read-alongs hosted by fellow book bloggers that I can join in. So guys, send me links or tag me please in your challenges if you’re hosting any! Pretty pleeease!! šŸ„°šŸ™


  • Run a half marathon


  • Visit mom more and my sister in US
  • Travel


  • Go for another weekend trek
  • Participate in the office charity organisation for kids as a volunteer
  • Try and figure out smarter ways to finish office work so I can spend time on other activities , be more assertive and try not let some assholes stress me out or ruin my day with their dictatorship or stupidity (this will be a hard one for a people pleaser like me.. gah)


So, those are my goals/plans for 2020!! Let’s get started!!


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