American Gods by Neil Gaiman – Book Thoughts

What a book, guys. And what a story! I’m absolutely blown away and can’t wait to see the words on screen now. Sadly, the whole book hasn’t been converted into a complete series so I cant binge watch, but nevertheless, something is better than nothing 🙂

No wonder this book has won multiple awards!!

I decided to read this book, since I saw trailers of the screen adaptation and had been meaning to read another Neil Gaiman book since Norse Mythology and Good Omens for a while now. I just hadn’t made up my mind on which one, and well, ‘Gods’ or ‘The Universe’ decided it for me, when I bought this book on the spur of a moment at a book fair.

The storyline is simple – It’s a battle between the Gods, the old Gods and the new Gods. And in between this battle, is our protagonist Shadow, who has been released from prison and straightaway thrown into a strange and crazy world, that one would have only imagined to be stuff of fantasies.

Actually, the story is not so simple in hindsight. It is really complex, fantasy set in the present age America, where Gods are nearly powerless and walking around like you and me, losing out on faith from human beings and being replaced by the new Gods of money, plastic, TV, media, you get the drift. There are stories within stories, small chapters about the origins of the old Gods, and how they came to America, which all tie into a grand finale at the end.

But the book, even though it seems to be of the fantasy genre on the surface, in terms of the characters and the way the story moves, also felt like a story about love, faith, belief, betrayal, power – all talked about with elements of magical realism added in.

There are Gods from across the world who have a scene in this story, and from across religions and beliefs. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of research it would’ve taken Neil Gaiman to learn about all these Gods and Goddesses and their origins, the way they look and their powers, or their history, and give them all a part in the overall story.

The main characters are: Shadow (our protagonist), Mr. Wednesday (referred to as the All-father, or Odin, as many of us would know this figure more, thanks to the Avengers series), Mr. Nancy (Anansi God), Low-Key LyeSmith (who plays a double role, and is also Loki), Bathsheba, Bilquis, Mr. Ibis, Mr. Jackal, Mata-ji (Goddess Kali), the Ifrits, and many more. It is interesting to note that in Neil Gaiman’s book, the old Gods are all on the same side now – the good and the evil ones. They are fighting together to try and get more back from the new age Gods now.

There are themes of what it means to be an immigrant in America, what it means to be a God, who gives Gods their power?, what do humans believe in, what is the purpose of life and how love affects each of us differently, how friendships can be formed in the strangest ways, and how one can care about someone who betrayed them or used them as well. So many things to discuss about, that I think I have highlighted half my paperback already!

I loved the simple writing, and the subtly humorous way Neil Gaiman writes in. Even in scenes that are tragic or painful, he makes them matter of fact, which makes the storyline easy to digest. Even though it is a 500+ page book, its a super fast read, because you really want to know what will happen next.

Brilliant descriptions of locations, made up and real apparently, of a cold winter that made me shiver, even though its not that cold where I live at the moment, and interesting additions of the daily mundane activities that Shadow does, like eating a lot of fast food and simply walking, and sleeping and dreaming, makes the character relatable and the story very plausible.

All in all, I loved this book and can easily say, that I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman’s writing. No wonder he and Sir Terry Pratchett were such good friends. I sometimes secretly wish I had powers of invisibility and could time travel, just so I could hang out or eavesdrop on their hangouts and delight in their wit and intellect 🙂

11 thoughts on “American Gods by Neil Gaiman – Book Thoughts

  1. Lovely review Prachi!!!! I’ve only read one book by Gaiman and currently in the middle of another, but somehow I struggle with his writing style a bit… I hope I’ll end up loving Coraline and any future books of his like you and everyone else do 😊😊😊

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    1. Thanks Sahi! I agree, maybe his writing style is not common.. I think I like it because I find his writing similar to Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.. in that way they talk about serious things in a cynical way and using metaphors etc I guess😊
      I have plans of reading all of the books from these three authors 😊

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      1. Ya… Good Omens didn’t work for me at all, neither did Hitchhikers guide.. so I guess it’s just that style of humor that doesn’t work for me… Maybe I’ll give Gaiman’s graphic novels Sandman a try 😊😊

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      2. Yeah that could be it since I loved both those books and hitchhikers is like one of those lifetime fav books of mine lol.. gosh! We found a genre and writing style that we don’t both like! So cool lol

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      3. Haha it’s ok.. I got it… I just finished his book Coraline and while I’m still not comfortable with the writing style, his story definitely creeped me out… !!!

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